let it snow let it snow let it snow...

Woke up at quarter to six, showered turned on the news to find the weather.

Snow! About 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) fallen already and another 10-15 to come. Wonderful I thought. Well this is Canada so I went on with my day as usual. On my way home at 5:30 I trudged on through the snow swept sidewalks and through our local college (which is on my way home) and what should come through my mind?


Immediately I began running home and was home in record time. I got my uni and ran out of the house.

I hopped on and it was like riding through thick mud. I loved it. When I finally got to the college I began to hit up my usual trials/street stuff and inspired by the snow I began to hop up stairs hop up big rocks and finally I had done most of what I usually do so I began to push myself. I side hopped down a three set (first time doing that) then hopped down a two and a half foot loading dock (another first) finally I hopped up an 8 set on my pedals (as most of you have seen in my videos hopping on my pedals is rather difficult for me).

What a day
At first I cursed the snow and my guess is I will continue to tomorrow but right now as I type in the warm afterglow of a great ride I say, let it snow!

Has anyone else ever had a day like this? Is there anyone that actually prefers the snow?

I was thinking of making a snow uni, finding a tire around the size of the Large Marge but much more grippy, riding on medium-low pressure. If the snowdrifts get hard enough I might even be able to ride em like skinnies.

Sounds like you had a pretty fun day.

I wish it would snow here, but it was 79F (26C) here today. Last night I was so cold that I wore a jacket, though, but it was in the 40F’s.

It sounds awesome to ride along packed snow skinnies, or down snow-covered sets of stairs…

It snowed about a week ago in B.C (where I live), but then it pretty much melted the same day. I was riding around on my snow covered yard when I realized that the snow had hidden several dog turds that I had ridden over. Yay… scraping poo off my tire!

hahahah man that sucks. what kind of stuff were you doing on your yard though?

Haha, me and my friends actually make snow with a homemade snowmaker. It’s for skiing though and not for unicycling. I’m a little apprehensive about jumping off high things when its slippery.

I Hate Snow !

but you can do funny thing with it

I actualy like the snow for big drops because if i slip out then i’m not landing on something as hard.

I had the pleasure of riding snowy trails last weekend and this weekend. I always liked MTBing better in the snow, and me thinks I like uni’ing in the snow better too.

I’m with you, let it snow.