Let It Be - Spring 2011

Tony Torchia, Alex Lancaster, and Josh Siebold with some spring riding footage. Watch in HD! Comments are greatly appreciated!

It will also be up on Vimeo tonight!

Incredible! Dude you’re so flowy I love it! The last grind you did was sooooooo clean I loved it! Keep up the solid work, brother! Can’t wait to ride with you :smiley:

very nice tony, you show a lot of improvement in every video. nice flip off of the bench, and bay flip.

Really smooth and nice riding! The flat was nice and the street was very creative and interesting!

good work guys, the grinds at the end were awesome, and that indoor skatepark looks soo good! 1:54 - 1:58 was my favourite though. :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton guys! appreciate it. Now that i finally found the balls to hit that park rail i wanna go find a real handrail. Well theres one in my town ive been scoping out just gotta find a nice dry day!