Let Go..... 07 vid

hey guys. most of the clips in this vid are new,
but i added some others that were my favorites from previous vids.
so sorta an 07 vid. hope you guys and girls like it.

I liked it. Especially the tricks up sets/obstacles - something I don’t see much of in videos nowadays…
Are you seriously only 14? You look around 17 to me :thinking:

Ps. Is your seat wonky? Unless my eyes are funny (ok, tell me they are…) I could swear it is at some points when you’re riding seat out!

Nice dude. Good skills. Any tips for hick doubleflip?

Nice! Great riding! What kind of camera do you use?
Did you do a bigflip down that 2-set? Looked like one.
You’re learning everything way to fast… :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep it up!

full varialflip…

Really great! You and so many others make those insane tricks look soooo easy! Have you ever slipped off the crank when pushng the wheel backwards with your other foot? Do you use grip tape in the crank to keep from slipping?

ahah yes im 14. i turn fifteen march 23 of next year… And I’m sorry but i don’t know what you mean by “wonky”.

to pele- pull up on the seat and flip harder.

to Fredrik- Thank you. and yes, its a full varialflip down the two. sketchy…
my cam is a sony cybershot, it really sucks.

to Terry- i have slipped before but it doesnt happen too often, but i dont use grip tape. and thanks.

It must be an english word:p

Not straight?

Try crooked.
Very nice vid.

Awesome. I liked the full varial flip down the 2…

You are getting really good.

Awesome you own man. I use the same camera as you. Nice outflip up the two.

Are you using a Luna Trials tyre sometimes in the vid?

why yes, yes i am. haha. i like it.

Great like always!! Nice jump over the traffic cone haha. really good vid like the song!!

Sweet, I could tell by how shiny the sideways are. Have you shaved it yet?

Thanks Anna. ahah that was funny how you texted me right after i did it.

no i actually got two so i could keep the tread on one and shave one.

Wow, that’s about $100, why didn’t you just keep you CC treaded, and shave your Luna?

Much cheaper.
Why do you want one with tread if you don’t mind me asking?

my CC was about to die. and Darren convinced me to get two because shipping was so much.

And i want to be able to compare the two, bald and tread so im just gonna shave one.

wow man, ive been watching your vids since they started coming out and you’ve come a long way! unbelievable! . Im just starting to get the basic flip tricks down pat ( 180 flips, switch stuff, treys all that funness).

no offense to your video, but ive noticed a lot of people these days ( with the new street scene), have really been focusing on flip stuff and big street us dying! i think we should bring it back, or mix it in. That being said, amazing vid and i cant wait to see what comes out next man


hey bro i totally get what your sayin. i would love to incorporate some big street stuff into my vids,
but sadly, my places to ride are extremly limited.

That one rail in my vid, (the 3 set) is literally the only thing i have found as far as rails and stuff.
and ive looked hard, trust me. I would kill for an 8 or a 9set in my town.

but anyway thanks for your comments. I’ve worked really hard this year.

Awesome man. Great ridding, you are getting so darn good. AS far as simple tricks go I really liked the shot where you hop up the brick wall very classic and visualy nice looking.