Lessons near Cooperstown, NY

Hello, I race mountain bikes and would like learn to unicycle to improve my balance. Does anyone know of someone who could teach me? I live near Cooperstown, New York.

Thank you!

Lessons are for suckers. Just learn on your own.

What he means to say is most unicyclists are self taught and if you race bicycles there’s no reason why you can’t learn to ride a unicycle on your own. Which is not to say it isn’t fun and helpful to have someone to ride with and get advice from.

Find something to hold on to, get up on the unicycle, push off.

Repeat until you can go a bit, then a bit more, then further, and then you’re off.

Make sure the seat is set so your legs are almost fully extended when the pedals are at their lowest point. Very key, keep your weight on the seat as much as possible.

Good luck, ask specific questions, and let us know how you’re doing.

This is true.

However, if you wanted to drive to Albany, there are a couple of us riders up here, and we’d be glad to give you pointers.

I would reccomend the KH freeride, that one will last you longest after you switch to muni instead of b*king.

i would say teach yourself, but if you can get into contact with other riders it might expedite the learning process…

he has one foot in the door, almost one less of them…

Thnak you for your help. :slight_smile: