LeRun Unicycle for Sale

i have a yellow LeRun unicycle for sale. It is in fair condition. it will ride now, but needs some work to fix back up. Email me for pics. <kansasvmax94@yahoo.com> (620)804-0800 Bobby


another pic


one more


i am intrested…how much?

That’s not a unicycle. It has three wheels contacting the ground, whereas a unicycle as only one. (duh)

i wonder if you can wheelie if for a long time! like a uni

Kansasvmax94 are you from kansas? If you do what city do you live in?

I live in kansas.


i bought the LeRun about two years ago off ebay for $30 plus shipping in the same condition its in now, minus a new tire i put on it. I will unload it for $20 plus shipping. Also, i live in central kansas, around dodge city area.

Do you know ‘Pistol’ Pete Hessman?

I live in the suberbs of Kansas City, Kansas

i believe pistol pete is out of great bend, i think, theres a pistol pete store in great bend.