leightweight bc

I was looking around on danscomp, and because I was bored, figured out how heavy a street bc would be.

It ended up as 5 pounds :astonished:
and $385!!!

5 pounds, thats light.

My tryall 26" bc, whichs is insanly light, is 6 pounds with plates. My trials 19" bc is 8 pounds with plates, and i suspect a trials bc with bedford plates is around 10-12 pounds.

Where did you get 385 from? is that with plates? You dont need to pay 385 for a bc. If your paying more than 180 for a wheel you are getting ripped. you can get a NICE 20" wheel for 140.

Have you decided which wheel size you are going to use? If you have chosen 20", well, Smack.

thats really light…

Mine weighs 4lbs.

Edit: I weighed it on a cheap scale so Im not sure how accurate it was.

^^^^^^^^^^your trials?

evan: I’m almost positie I’m going to get the trials BC. One question though, is going down the extra 4 inches for hand on wheel stuff on a 20" insanely harder?

the leightweight one had a magnesium hub w/ 14mm axel, 48 titanium spokes, Koxx-one drilled rim, and the Koxx-one tire.
also, There’s no way I would get that, It was just fun figuring out because I was bored.

Yes, bending down the extra 4-6" will ruin all hands on tire tricks.

There is no point in getting such a expencive bc, you dont want TI spokes, Or a mag Hub.

Just use a KH rim, dt spokes, Hazard hub and echo tire.

echo tire?


I haven’t heard of it before. where can I see it?


Its a crappy tire, but for bc it dosnt matter, plus its dirt cheap.

what about the luna that the bedford comes with? They don’t look very different.

CC, Luna, Tryall, Echo, Monty will all work, your choice.

have you tried the tryall on a bc? I looks like it would be great because in the picture on renegadejuggling it looks like there’s no grip on the sides.

Though i did say in another thread to buy quality parts, i didnt mean spend all your parents money on something you will probobly give up when trying to learn how to ride.

I rode like 20 feet on spencers bc at Moab… you woudnt know though, because you weren’t there(at least I don’t think so) also, Ive saved up most of the money for the trials bc.

I ride the tryall 26" tire on my bc. The tread is a little different than on the mod tire. Most tires are going to bite you, just because teh sidewalls are smooth dosnt mean it wont bite. I would suggest you get a 20" with a high psi tire, and that will cancel out any speed loss due to tire bites.

Wow, 20ft? Thats crazy.

Is it hard to do drops on the 20" though?

I was practising for like 2 hours straight:)