Lehigh University Unicyclers


I am going to be an incoming freshman this year at Lehigh University and was wondering if anyone from the forums goes to college there or lives nearby and rides. Please let me know! I want to start a “club” in the area!


I actually used to ride Muni and mountain bike on the Lehigh trails at the top of the mountain there. There are some good technical (very rocky) trails up there. I have actually been out of the Muni game for a while now and have been looking to get back into it. I don’t know if MUni is what you were looking to do. I guess you could ride around campus or Bethlehem.

Hey Bruiser!

MUni is exactly what I was looking for! I was told that there are some so and so called “secret trails” back on the South Mountain. I haven’t had a chance to go exploring since I’ve been bogged down with orientation and other such activities, but I’d be down to meet and ride if you’re up to it. My name is Peter Hildebrandt so add me on Facebook.

Thanks a ton,

Hope you are able to find a lot of unicyclists at Lehigh/Bethlehem and that your time at college is great…with some one wheel diversion on occasion!

I enjoyed meeting you at NAUCC and watching some of the marathon together.

Thanks so much Mike Hout! I was so happy to meet and spend time with you at the marathon. I’m still working on my juggling. I hope to get it clean in the next coming weeks with three balls. I’ve managed to scout out some jugglers, slack-liners, and novice-unicyclers on campus. I’ve been talking with the dean of student activities and a club is in the midst of creation!

I hope you’re doing well!

Peter Hildebrandt