legs hurt

does anybody else get their seat rubbing against the inside of there leg when they hop and do you have any suggestions of how i can stop it?

Several things can fizx this:

Buy an Airsaddle.
Cornstarch your man-zone.
Bike shorts.
Chafe Tape.

All in all you cant stop chafeing on your thighs completely(especially on 4 mile+ muni rides) but those few things can help reduce the pain.

i see i see im gonna be getting the kris holms seat in a couple of days so i think that might help

Get used to it!

(thats what i did b/c i was runnig out of money)

i made a thread like this a while back and someone told me to were whiteytighties

i dont see how that would help? maybe if i were some tight shorts underneath some pants it might help?

how is the seat rubbing the inside of your legs?

i’m a newbie so i’m confused. when i hop around (little hops, basically my unicycle becomes a pogo stick), the seat just moves with me!

when i hop the seat tends to move a bit so when i hop up and down it rubs and hurts can you see what i mean im not concentrating at all on keeping the seat straight up and down im concentrating more on hopping up or down the ledge or something im trying to do at the time

The chafe went away after like a week for me.


same thing been happening to me tonight i was out hoping up my curb and my leg satrted hurting , i jsut took a break untill it went away and started over the pain only stings for about a couple seconds with me

ya about the same with me also

My leg hurtin whent away after ohhh, a good 4 years of riding…my theighs are like beef jerky, and scarred but thats ok. Bag balm works wonders, you can get it at the pharmasy and its for cow tits lol…hahahah…