Legomen caught riding on video!

I’ve had my suspicions of those lego people for a while now. Ever since I brought them to Malvern things have never quite been the same. And now I know why - they’ve been secretly riding impossible wheels all over the place, without regard for other people’s property. And now they’ve gone too far; they destroyed my secret camera after realising I was watching them. Tch, the legomen of today.

Watch the last seconds of the secret KeyboardCam ™ here. To be fair, they can ride better than I can…

(The one at the top, it’s a 1MB DivX video)

Phil, just me


You are truly an artist. Thanks. That was cool.


If I were an artist I’d actually be able to make one of these without leaving random objects in the background. I’m getting better, but there’s still the blu-tack manipulating screwdriver in one frame. Doh!

Phil, just me

It’s a shame those little people caught you filming… I would have liked to have seen more! They seem to be quite skilled.

As always, I can’t wait for more from the PhilM Eister.

Re: Legomen caught riding on video!

I knew it was only a matter of time before you caught those little hooligans at it! Did you not wonder where the scratches on your keyboard came from, or the faint smell of exhaust smoke and burnt rubber?

Excellent work! You don’t admit it, but I think your “extra objects” are deliberate. You’re thinking (quite rightly) that your mini-masterpieces will become future classics and this is your equivalent of the Hitchcock walk on part. Those of us in the know will be watching out for the subliminal screwdriver from now on.

Keep up the great work!


Re: Re: Legomen caught riding on video!


In that case, I shall let fellow unicyclists into some inside information: my arm (almost a walk-on piece?) appears in the top-right corner of a single frame in the video about the lego motorbike stunt artist.

You heard it here first…

Phil, just me