Legal status of uni in Aus?

Okay, i’ve read that a uni is treated as a pedestrian in the US, and I think someone mentioned it was the same in some other country, but what’s the ‘rules of the road’ applying to a uni in Melbourne? Given the sheer numbers of people who ride bicycles on footpaths without helmets where I am right now, and the fact that my current practice run seems shared, it’s not as much a concern, but i’m starting to look at ranging further and on the coker.


up here in brisbane it’s classed as a “wheeled recreational vehicle”. meaning if i dont wear a helmet a cop can write me a fine.

the cop told me it was that and not a bike so thats what im going off.

policeman say i am talented and walk on by. I have pretty much free range. I was jumping the stairs of our local court house the other day and a group of police men came out and i thought i was in the proverbial poo, but they just asked if i could to it againso they could watch.

yeah i’ve been riding with policemen and they didnt seem to care but the secruity guards do. I thought it would be the other way round

last time i checked (like a year ago) in melbourne a unicycle is classified (By vic roads) as a bicycle - meaning that in order to comply with legal standards it must be fitted with a brake and a bell. also if you are over 12 years of age it is illegal to ride on the footpath and you must always wear a helmet.

thems the rules but its bulshit if you ask me cos for a start a unicycle has one less wheel…

PS where in melbourne are you from and do i know you?

Right… This is the part that baffled me:
“Under the road rules, a bicycle is a vehicle that has one or more wheels that is built to be propelled by human power through a belt, chain or gears (whether or not it has an auxiliary motor).”
I don’t ride a giraffe or a Schlumph, so neither belt, chain, nor gears would apply.
Not entirely clear how one would mount a bell on a uni, though I suppose the bell wouldn’t necessarily need to be especially accessible just to placate anyone who might want to whine.

Dunno if you know me, I live out on the Melbourne Uni campus. Probably not; I only managed to swing by the juggling club once briefly with the coker, because I have to skip class to go to it, and I haven’t gotten to any other gatherings yet.

i have had about 5 cops tell me to wear a helmet whilst riding on the road and once on the footpath. ive also rode on the motorway without a helmet, i didnt get pulled over for that, the cops did know about it as well and didnt do anything…

a bicycle can’t have one wheel

get a bike

take the front wheel off.

it’s still a bike is it not?

i suppose…but you could argue against that. Bi-meaning two (wheels). So without one wheel it could be a unicycle w/ a bike frame…haha jk