leg wrap(or is it seat wrap?) help

any tips for doing leg(seat?) wraps. i can do it holdin on to a tree, but have no chance doing it free standing. my problem seems to be holding my wheel still. thanks

i have the exact same problem m8. sorry not very usefull, but i’d liek some advice on it too lol

There is no “leg wrap” but I think what your referring to is a leg around.

For tips, I would say get it down to where you can do it with tree, and then try it as a mount, as it is generally easier that way. Once you have the mount down, try it normally. Good luck.

Also try these:

  1. Stand on say the left crank, hold onto the seat, lean to the uni left, and kick your right leg way out to the right.

  2. Same as above, but hold onto the seat with your right hand, reach behind you and grab the sole of your right foot. I think it looks better if you also look way over to your left at your right foot.

  3. Start as in #1 but let the uni drop to your right and catch it with the seatpost on your toes and kick it back up.

I have no idea if these are harder or easier than a seat wrap, but they are related, and getting better at one would make it easier to do the others.

Edit: Dan Heaton does the third one in I think Universe II

I can do it mounting but normaly fall when i try o do it again, should i try doing it on one leg then the other or should i try and just do it on the same leg a few times?