Leg Wrap/Leg Around Tips

I am trying to learn how to do a leg wrap but I can’t quite get the hang of it.:frowning:
Does anyone have any tips?

stay on the crank

I worked on them a little bit on my freestyle, but never really put in the effort to learn it.

Focus on where you throw your weight just before you start wrapping around, if you throw yourself in the wrong direction, the crank will drop out from under your foot. Beyond that, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Is it better to stand on the front crank and leg around with the back foot (what i’ve been practising), or stand on the back crank and leg around with the front one?

Leg wraps are typically done standing on the front crank, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn them standing on the front and back cranks.

Here’s a query: I hop with my right foot forward (right foot on forward crank) but always lift my right foot off when required for tricks…

Where should I start?

First learn the leg around mount. I put my foot that is normally in back when I hop on the crank (crank pointing back), ball of my foot near the hub.

So stand with the uni in front of you, but your back foot on the crank and just practice standing up on the crank, you may think you need to lean the uni way over to the side but you don’t, just maybe lean the seat over a few inches and keep you weight over the hub.

Once you can do that bring your other foot in between you and the uni around the front and maybe back to the ground.

Then instead of back to the ground go back to the pedal/crank. So that is the leg around mount. Once you can do that it’s just a bit more practice to get it from standing on your uni.

If it’s not working, try using your front foot. It is easier different ways for different people.

If you are using your back foot on the crank, you want to keep you weight to the rear slightly, this keeps the uni stable. If you are using your front foot on the crank keep your weight to the front.

Ok well can already leg around mount so hopefully all will come easily :stuck_out_tongue:

Start with whatever is easiest. If you plan to learn more difficult tricks you will end up learning to legwrap on both sides anyway.

My next trick is leg wraps. Do you recommend learning this first?

I usually start learning the new move with the mount version, I think I learned the leg around with the mount first (takes an afternoon), then you will quickly move onto the real thing. If you are doing unispins, you’ll knock out leg around easily, it’s not that hard, and doesn’t take as much commitment as the spin.

Alright since you are 44 that gives me hope. :slight_smile: Because I love when 18 year olds say it should take a day to learn a unispin and it takes me months.

I think I only got one clean unispin, and it was ugly… Took me months to learn it when I was young like you :p. Leg around is all about balance, I haven’t ridden my small uni in about a year and I can probably still do them.

Yeah unisons were hard for me. It took me months, though walking the wheel took me longer…

Alright, got the leg wrap mount in a few tries. That was easy. Now on to the real thing while on the uni.