leg protection....

which leg armor is better?

this one: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=404

or this one: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=694

and if there both sucky which kind would you recommend?

i’d go w/ the 4x4s, they’re better suited to unicycling
i have them and love them!
they’re more flexible and the nylon around the back will keep metal pedals from cutting you, although it will bruise you badly.
the front and side impact protection is really good for pedal hits and low falls and there are small sheets of plastic as well as the foam, even though it doesn’t say on the website

I’m betting that over 95% of the people on this board will suggest the soft 4x4s. Most of us use them, including me. If i had a choice, i would have gone with the Veggies though. They are by 661 and are like the 4x4s, but they don’t have the knee protection. If you ride muni, then you’d surely want the knee protection too, because you get some awkward UPDs and land on your knees more. I only ride street, though, so my biggest issue is with the pedal scrapes on my shins and calves. The 4x4s get really hot with them going up over my knees, see it sucks to have the knee pads there if you’re never (or rarely) going to use them. The Veggies also fit tighter on your leg so that they’re easier to wear under pants. When my 4x4s give out, i think i’m going to order the Veggies. I’m not sure where kcmo is, but if you don’t ride muni and can get access to a pair of 661 Veggie Wrap Shins, you may want to take a look. That’s my opinion anyway.

In Tomsey’s newest video, he’s wearing something like the Veggies. I’m curious to know what he thinks about them (4x4s vs. Veggie Shins).

The 4x4’s are better for muni. The padding on the 4x4’s covers more of the knee and actually covers a bit of the side of the knee which the hard shell style pads do not. The extra padding on the inside side of the knee is nice when doing seat out jumps because sometimes your leg and knee will hit the crown of the frame during the jump and the pads keep it from hurting you. Sometimes on seat in drops and jumps you can sometimes hit your knee on the crown and the extra side padding helps then too.

With the hard shell style pads there is no padding does not wrap around over the inside side of the knee and when your knee does hit the crown the knee cap can sometimes get hung up on the frame or the crown which throws the pads out of whack and does nothing to protect your knee from the possible bruise. Whew! I should have probably put some punctuation in that run on sentence there somewhere I think. I almost ran out of breath.

The downside with the 4x4’s is that they will probably not last as long as the hard shell style armor. The 4x4 pads will occasionally rub on the tire and you’ll end up rubbing a hole through the fabric somewhere on the inside area of the knee. That doesn’t ruin the armor, but it does get them to wear out a bit faster.

661 Veggie Wrap

I have a set of the 661 Veggie Wraps. The shin and knee guards are sold separately, but they are designed to be worn individually or together. They integrate very well and are very comfortable.

My previous pair of leg protection were Roach knee and shin guards. The stiffness in the Roach pads rubbed my skin raw around my knee where it was unable to flex with my leg.

Hope this helps

i’m getting a KH '05 Freeride, and i’ve already sliced my shin open on my friend’s Snafu pedals, and i don’t like the idea of wearing 4x4s every time i ride, even casually on the street
i think i might get some veggie shins for just street riding, but i currently have to spend money on elbow guards (n e one have any recomendations?) and possibly a brake
does anyone have the Roach Rally FR or DH elbow guards?


I’ve worn both Roaches (similar to, but better than 4x4s) and Veggie shins. I’ve worn my veggies a grand total of 4 times. In my opinion these are little more than cosmetic leg armour for unicycling purposes. I tried some unispins with veggies on and got an enormous bruise through them when I missed and the pedal hit my shin. I can still feel two permanent bumps on my shin. And these were caused by freestyle pedals. I’d hate to think what damage a good hit from a metal pedal with pins would do. Roaches or 4x4s offer much better protection. Go for them if you value your shins!

Alex Toms wears Armadillos, not Veggies. These are better, as they have a hard plastic insert which protects the shin bone.


A while ago I wanted some shin armor but i didnt want the knee part in the 4x4s and the veggies didnt look like they had enough padding so i bought the 4x4s anyway and i really didnt like the knee part because it didnt allow me to move my leg (they were too big) so cut the knee part off and sewed it back up. They work great and i can actually bend my knee now.

Anybody know where I could get a good price on 661 Veggie Wraps and 661 shin guards?


Check out jensonusa.com or supergo.com you can always get sponsored by them too- its supposed to be really easy.

Trust me- 4x4s are hot and chafe you. Look at the fox 911s or the roach pads.

The 4x4s are not that hot. I wear them throughout the entire summer here in the Pacific Northwest. Granted, our summer doesn’t get that hot or humid. The summer in Texas or the humid areas would be different.

I wear cycling knee warmers under the armor to prevent chafing. Despite being called knee warmers they are not that warm. I don’t mind wearing them even in the summer. I did look for knee warmers made for the lightest fabric I could find. I’ll attach a pic of what cycling knee warmers look like.

If you live in a hot area you can try some other types of armor that are more breathable for the hot time of the year.

knee warmers.jpg

Does anyone know of an official Armadillo armour website? I googled but didn’t get much. I’d like to read up on them and see if there is a Cdn seller.

FYI if you’re buying veggies online - you might want to sneak into a bike shop and try them on first. If you have beefier calves they might not fit you. Mine are about 14" at the fattest part, and the veggies didn’t quite fit me (I think I tried on the large, too.)

The easy way to prevent 4x4s and Roach armour from chafing is to do it up loosely. Especially around your knees.

…or buy some soccer socks. A good pair is lightweight, will wick sweat away from your skin, and makes great chafe protection under bulky pads! Make sure to try them on first, some are only made to cover shin guards while others will go above the knee… you’ll want the longer ones.

They also come in a dazzling array of colors, get a pair to match your uni :slight_smile: