Leg+pedal = leg smash Video!!

well today while making my new movie I smashed the back of my leg and the amount of force that hit my leg shot my leg up it really hurt. Now it was the sliding side of my pedal but I have a nice bruise now!

and without further adue my video…

wheres the vid??

and without further adue… lol…


yer, that’s a good question

oh, my bad, sorry

lol nice bail… Its happened to me before aswell… very sore :angry:

i couldn’t get the vid to work, anyone else have that probllem?

nope worked fine for me

ooh, i got it, damn, looks painful, i’ve done it once or twice with plastice pedals

yeah i have this funny bruise now and you can see the outline of my pedal

nice, thats a good one. you need grippier pedals. you also need to take a picture of the bruise (:

that hasnt happened to me on a uni…yet =p but it happened to me on bikes before, it hurts!

I too would like to see the picture of your pedal bruise :roll_eyes:

That’s funny, I didn’t see your leg armor in the video… did you tuck it under your jeans? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s precisely because of this type of injury that I never do anything before putting on my leg armor. I don’t even walk down the steps in front of my house without 'em :smiley:

what were you trying to do…looked like a rolling hop with a prehop or sumthing. pretty cool though…the pedal shaped bruise on your leg would probly make a cool avatar.

there was no leg armor hense why there was so much pain

I think he was kidding (:

sooo, wheres the picture?