leg lenth descrepancy


My right leg is shorter than my left and therefore have a leg length descrepancy I need to adjust for while riding.

I have considered some how building up my right pedal to account for my shorter right leg as compared to my left leg. Any other ideas or solutions?


Modifying the unicycle will lead to an unbalanced wheel. An unbalanced wheel will wobble as you ride, moreso at higher speeds.

If you have orthopedic inserts in your shoes, or some similar implement, you should have no problems riding with those shoes.

If you haven’t any orthopedic inserts or shoes, you’re in for some back problems.

I’d focus on yourself first, and your unicycle second.

It depends on how big the difference is.
If small then you can try using two different pedals, one thicker and one skinnier.
If the difference is bigger, then maybe use dual hole cranks and use different holes.
Or just use some extra sole shoes.

As I remember from my childhood one of my legs is also shorter but it is minimal. The only difference I see is that one sole is more used after some time of using shoes and on a bike and uni I feel that I lean to one side a bit more.

length length

My right leg is over 1/2 inch shorter than the left leg. I have started using inserts for everyday usage. However, I have concerns for using the inserts while ridding the unicycle. Since the insert will lift my right foot, I question whether my right foot is more suceptable to ankle sprains when trying to recover from a UPD. This is why I favor building up the unicyle pedal as compared to inserts while riding the unicycle.


If the difference between legs were 6 inches or greater, then UPDs could become quite tricky.

1/2 inch shouldn’t make any difference.

Don’t worry so much, enjoy your unicycle!

blocks on pedals should be fine for a small increase like that.

from breaking my leg my right leg is 3.5cm shorter than my left leg, and i ride without problems. :slight_smile:

Wow, have you seen a chiropractor by chance? Maybe your hips are out of alignment? :thinking:

Anyway, I don’t think 1/2 inch will increase your chance of ankle sprains in the instance of a UPD. I would just ride with the insert in and not worry about it.

Happy Riding.

Food for thought

Just a thought scha6645…

I have accidentally inserted a pedal in the wrong hole of a dual hole crank arm, and been able to ride a 36 wheel without incident, and actually without knowing until I arrived at my destination. This happened because I took a pedal off to transport in the trunk, and didn’t realize I had threaded to a 120 instead of 140 hole. I was wondering if this would accomplish the leg length deficit your describing? a 3.5 Cm= 30.5 mm correct?

Yes, certainly a tad imbalanced, but I imagine you body would compensate for the differential. A traditional 25mm spacing between holes might work. I’d be interested to hear if it works for you, Try it out!