Leg hurting while gliding

I have just learned to glide and after about 30-40 revs, my leg thats on the tire starts hurting really badly. Its feels like its getting pulled down with the tire even though im not putting that much pressure on it so i have to work to keep my leg up and eventually it just falls off because it gets so tired. So my question is, is this just a problem with my tecnique or am i just really weak?

Put more weight on your seat.

Edit- Sorry I am Tiered and thought you said you where learning to ride.


More practice.

I hate the “practice more” respsonse as much as anyone… I feel that good gliding technique means you have as little pressure on the tire as possible; bordering on coasting. When you start learning to glide, or when I did anyway, I put a lot of pressure on the tire, and my leg got really tired really fast. Once you get better at balancing in that position, you will be able to glide with less and less pressure. The trick is to feel yourself going off balance as soon as possible, and correcting it as soon as possible.

Whenever you glide, try to use as little pressure as possible to control your balance. Try leaning forward a little more and letting off some pressure. You WILL fall forward a lot. Keep working at it, and your responce time will get short and shorter, and you’ll be flying down hills in no time.


Re: Leg hurting while gliding

Something I haven’t seen anyone else mention - when you’re gliding, you’re
using a muscle which doesn’t normally see much action. Think about it -
how often do you lift things backwards with your feet?

When starting out it aches a lot. When it gets used to working hard,
you’ll notice less. Of course, the technique of as little touch as
possible also helps.

(Tried my first glide in about 5 years last Thursday. It seriously made
that muscle ache!)




Ya, i have been practicing more today and it doesnt hurt anymore. I think i am putting less pressure on the tire because it feels like i am going alot faster. I think my problem was i was leaning way too far back to i had to constanly pull my self back up so i wouldnt fall, so now i lean forward more and put little pressure on the wheel and i can go forever:D

Yea, Stu’s right. But that muscle will gain strength with practice.

Sounds to me like you have it, litldude… good job!