Leg/hip/groin pain

I’m not exactly sure what the description is. Jim says it’s groin. Anyway, it’s the part of me that if you ripped a drumstick of a chicken that would be where the pain is. It started when I started to ride the coker.

I am just wondering if it is just muscles/joints that are not used to riding the big wheel. Or is it (which I am more inclined to think) because the cranks are too long and my knees are coming up higher than my hip when I ride.

Can anyone help?


The inside of the thigh fairly high up the leg would be the groin. The front of the leg fairly high up would be the hip flexor. If its sore in the front then this could easily be caused by the knee coming up higher than what you are normally used to.
Doing some light stretching before and after your riding seasons should help releave the discomfort. The easiest way to stretch the hip flexor is to lie on your back, bend your leg and carefully try to pull your thigh to your chest using your hands on the back of the leg. Hold the stretch for at least 10 seconds and repeat using the opposite leg.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for that, I’ll give it a go.


Your knees come up that high?
can you draw or take a picture of you on your uni, and maybe draw a schematic of where it hurts. Is it near the seat contact area, or is it about half way from the seat to your navel?

How many miles (km) do you have on that beauty already?!

I think it will resolve itself in time. Your right that yourbody may just be adjusting.

Re: Leg/hip/groin pain

Funny description of where the pain is.

Maybe you are unknowingly gripping/squeezing the seat too much, out of
nervousness of riding that impressive Coker? If that would be the
case, the remedy is to relax more.

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