leg extended coast video

yo whats up i made this vid for my myspace buddies to see, but thought it could double for here. kinda short but it was real hard to film cuz i was by myself and had to set teh camera up. i actually have been holding out a lot of footage lately, like i have so much from the past 2 months. i dont know, i just thought this was worthy of a little thur-edd. alright later guys.


That was awesome man. 7 revs (on screen). Is that your farthest? When we rode at NAUCC, I think you were just barely getting a few revs, if even that. Very nice.

Wow, you make that look really easy. I am jealous. Good job.

:)thansk spence and i ridemyuni. :slight_smile:

naw that definitley aint my farthest, that was just one of my attempts on a flat before the sun went down. i do it a very gradually sloped hill normally so that it keeps the coast going without getting too fast. and man jeff ya ever seen felix dietze’s softmotion video? its so insane, its basically what revived my interest in uni. wasnt neccessarily the hardest bs ive seen, but it was flowy and thats what i dig.:slight_smile:

cool man- you got skillz:p (just been watching Napoleon Dynamite)

Well done Johnny, you’re a legend in the making. You’re gonna have to gimme some tips on that one so I can kick Lucas’ ass at freestyle aswell as Street, haha.

Keep it up man.


thanks dude.and yeah that movie rocks.i need to watch it again sometime. lol.

if you want to kick lucas’ ass i recommend a swift upward motion man. always works for me, haha. actualyl dude you really helped me land this trick. i thought about what you wrote me about not underestimating the power of your mind and i kept thinkin’ about that when i was practicing. i just kept refusing to step off my uni and it worked…i usually dont use this word but…its pretty gnarley. cant wait to get my freestyle so i can learn some harder stuff…may even be here tomorrow!