Leg Armour - soft or hard?

I’m interested in getting some leg armour, as I’ve already experienced the wrath of the pins on my pedals. I also want to get more into trials and MUni and figure it’s an investment I’m going to have to make anyway.

I called my LBS and they have a good selection of pads by Roach, SixSixOne and another brand I don’t remember. The first question I was asked was, “do you want soft- or hard-shell pads?” I didn’t know. The guidelines the guy gave me (of course from a BMX point of view) is that hard-shell are the choice for urban trials and downhill riders. The freestylers often prefer the soft pads (à la SixSixOne 4x4 and the Roach Indy). I was wondering what people have experienced from using both hard-shell and soft-shell pads.


most people are using 661 and roach pads.

i have norco drop pads which are identical to 661

i also use a set of ankles that i re-cycled from a pair of football shinpads.

since many impacts get your ankles rather than you shins.

i like my pads, they make my legs happy (and more adventurous.)

Re: Leg Armour - soft or hard?

michaeli wrote:
> I’m interested in getting some leg armour, as I’ve already experienced
> the wrath of the pins on my pedals.


I have Roach leg armor which is (I believe) the soft kind. I find that
it works quite well for protecting me and they’re light enough as to not
interfere with pedaling, balance, etc. I’m not sure they would protect
the back of my legs well, but certainly the front. I have had a couple
of nasty forward falls where they protected my knees and shins from
rocks and the roots of trees.

Just my two 2 cents. :wink:



I have the SixSixOne 4X4 pads (soft) and they are very good. I would recommend them. Now if you need to decide between them and the ROach pads, go to the review section of the forum. There are many reviews for these pads hence they’re very used. I think the reason is that the soft kind gives us more movement.

get some pads, your legs will thank you.


I’ve tried hard and soft shell and I prefer the hard shell Lizard Skins knee/shin combo. They protect well, are easy to clean up and they don’t pick up as many burs as my soft shell pads :slight_smile:

I have the 661 4x4s which seem to be good all-round. But I have bruised my shin through them on backwoods rocks. If I had a tougher pair, I’d wear them for MUni and the 661s for everything else.

Roach sells both, and so does 661
If you got them off unicycle.com they are softshell or DH
Hardshell, for at least roach is called DS, and I know 661 also makes a hardshell version
So saying you have roach or 661 is not really specific

Sorry, the Roaches only come in softshell, DH and DS are both softshell
But the 661s still come in hardshell