Leg armour now ordered!

Accident Friday lunch time, photo Monday evening. I am now limping without wincing too much.

I have now ordered some KH leg armour.

Monday 1.jpg

good idea :wink:

Dunno, nothing will be quite as tough as those scabs before they heal :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah good idea… such a shame to hide the scar though :D!

realy good idea

Good idea! I just ordered a pair of KH Leg Armour yesterday! It will be so nice not having to worry about killing my shins every time I ride…

Great! No more visits to the emergency room to see pretty and helpful medical personnel. :smiley:

You certainly have my sympathy, but with 5,358 posts on this forum, surely you knew better than to ride without armor before the accident.:wink:

You man you can become more knowledgeable by writing in the forum?

In 22 years of riding, the last seven pretty intensive, I have never had a pedal bite before. This one was a combination of complacency and bad luck over an hour into a brilliant ride. I relaxed on an easy bit.

Ouch. There’s not much protection to the back of the calf on my shin pads (they’re 661s though, not KH), but it would probably stop quite such a mess from happening as long as the pins don’t stick though the cloth. Hopefully you’ll have some cool scars though :slight_smile:


Just let me bolt the stable door :smiley:

For anyone giving Mike a hard time about buying leg armor now, raise your hand if you’ve got scars from unicycling. Okay. Now keep your hand up if you bought your protective gear after earning those scars…

I didn’t start using a helmet or leg armor for unicycling until I got into MUni. And even now I don’t use the leg armor (Roach) for all rides, especially on the Coker. I realize the same thing could happen to me…

Thanks, John.

I’m sure it’s all good humoured teasing.:slight_smile:

Serious point: risk assessment has four components:

  • How likely is it to happen?
  • What is the likely outcome if it does happen?
  • What is the worst case scenario?
  • What are the disadvantages of taking precations (e.g. cost, discomfort, etc.)? [/LIST]

    I have never hit my head on the ground in any UPD in 22 years of riding, although I have occasionally hit low hanging branches and I once hit the underneath of a bridge. However, an apparently minor head injury can turn out to be fatal. A helmet is reasonably comfortable. I nearly always wear one.

    I once thought I’d broken my jaw in a swallow dive and faceplant. In the event, I needed 7 stitches, and looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo for a couple of weeks. I bought a full face helmet, but found it significantly reduced my enjoyment of riding. I now only wear it very occasionally.

    I wear an open face helmet on my motorbike because I twice nearly had accidents as a result of the limited field of view in a full face helmet.

    I chipped a bone in my wrist in a low speed Coker UPD on grass. I wore wristguards for a long time, and used them for their intended purpose many times, but these days I tend to rely on gloves.

    I ripped my knee in a ballistic dismount from the Coker once, and wore knee guards for a while, but found them uncomfortable.

    I have fought shy of leg armour for a long time because it is bulky and sweaty (I did have a set once). In 22 years of riding, and thousands of UPDs, I have never had a pedal bite.

    However, the consequences of this incident were far more serious than I would have guessed. I was alone and niles from the car or the nearest first aid point. I couldn’t give reliable directions to an ambulance. I ended up walking, pushing the uni, for an hour.

    Living alone, I have found simple things like cooking, going to the loo, and using the stairs have been difficult. Being a dancer, I fear I may have lost the first couple of weeks of the all too short season. Being a cyclist, I have lost several days or evenings out, including three days of the Easter break.

    Therefore, I now consider leg armour an appropriate choice for solo Muni, and probably most off road riding.

    It is for every rider to make an informed decision. If my photos help to inform, then that is a good thing.

  • That’s a long list of injuries. I’m sure we have all had our share though we tend to forget once we’ve healed.

    But wait… quick… someone link Mikefule’s post to the thread running around in conversation about the 16 year old trying to convince his mom to buy him a uni… that otta help convince her. :smiley:

    I have. I also appreciate the sun and branch protection. Except when a beefy branch gets jammed into a vent hole and turns my head around as I ride past…