Leg Armor chafing- socks

My leg armor was chafing my knees, so I decided to try something out. I took 2 long socks which had very stretchy tops then cut the foot part off. Now I can put them over my knees so that the leg armor doesn’t chafe my knees. There’s some pics in my gallery. (There’s also some pictures of me on my muni)http://gallery.unicyclist.com/view_album.php?set_albumName=albuq71

It’s cheaper and I would imagine cooler than knee warmers like John Childs uses, but they probably don’t work quite as well. :slight_smile:


Nice pics Nikki and a clever solution to your problem. I especially like the one of you and Doug the pug. I’ll be sure and show that one to King MUni-Man. He adores pugs and I foresee one in our future.


Re: Leg Armor chafing- socks

That’s a good use for old socks.

You can’t get any cooler than lycra knee warmers under Roach armour. I’m the coolest cat in town. Even the Fonz says “aaaayh” when he sees me. :sunglasses:


That’s great that King Muni-Man wants a pug! Pugs are good with kids. They usually put up with tail-pulling and the like without biting. Are you thinking of getting fawn like Doug or all black? Someday I’d like to own a fawn and a black pug at the same time. www.pugs.com is a great place to look for advice on training and the pros and cons of owning a pug.


I’m sorry, my mistake. I forgot just how “cool” knee warmers are. :wink: The sock method isn’t very pretty, but the leg armor goes overtop anyway.


Thanks for posting the pic’s Nikki. Great to see you and Doug out uni’ing!


I think the socks are way cooler. Way.