Left Sinz ISIS crank in 135mm (or pair) & Mountainuni disc

Hi everybody,

I slightly bent a Sinz crank practicing some hopping up a wall :confused:

I am looking for a replacement crank (either the left crank alone or the set).
While, I am at it, I am looking for a MountainUni disc for Sinz crankset.

Thanks in advance to everybody that will have a look in their spares :slight_smile:


If you can’t find any, I know a local bikeshop that sells Sinz cranks! I might be able to get a pair there for you. But they’ll be brand new, full priced.

Thanks jaco_flans for the offer. I think I can find a couple of website that sell them too (including the original site I bought them from). But as they are not my primary set of cranks, I was thinking more about either giving them away as spare to somebody that is using a set or to get an orphaned one from somebody’s part bin and help a friend go disc :slight_smile:

So there is no rush with it… just waiting for the opportunity :smiley:

I have a set of 135mm, 145mm, 155mm cranks all in great condition and 3 rotors. $60 for crank + rotor + hardware (shipped within the US). How does that sound?

Bump. Still looking for a left ISIS crank, any brand, 135mm or so.

Discs are no longer wanted.