Left handed vegetarian unicyclists?

On a recent unicycling road trip we noticed that a good number of the group we left handed and Vegetarian.

I wondered if the left handed bit was because they are more used to problem solving and see unicycling as less of a challenge??

I also wondered if more unicyclists were vegetarian as they tend to be more open minded?

How many of you are Left handed or Vegetarian… or both?:smiley:

how about those who are “undecided” on both accounts?

I didn’t think you could be undecided about being right or left handed??

Well, I’m right handed and like my meat; although I eat almost like a vegetarian in the summertime.

I’d also bundle into this question being artistic (or architectural) and using an Apple Mac. However, I am very right handed, non Mac user, non artistic (couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler), and like a bit of meat from time to time. Do I count as a unicyclist?


Vegetarian and right handed. Also brew my own beer :smiley:

Right handed, left footed, salad loving, mac using, dslr photoshopper :slight_smile:

I’m a left-handed carnivore, and wouldn’t touch a Mac if you paid me, does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a Mac hater, I just did music at college and it annoyed me how much my music classes were ‘how to use this mac-specific software’. The desktop interface annoyed me and got in my way, the mouses are dreadful, and most of the ‘industry standard’ software we had to use was bloody awful too. Long live Linux and FOSS!


I never said what I am

I am a right handed vegetarian… and as we are now asking, I am a PC user :slight_smile:

My wife on the other hand (pun intended) is…Left handed, vegetarian… and a Mac user

At least we have 1 thing in common… apart from riding unis :slight_smile:

Neither left-handed nor vegetarian.

Unicyclists’ political tendencies might be a more interesting question, but I wouldn’t try to launch a thread about that, as it would frighten most of the more interesting ones into silence.

On perhaps another note, there do seem to be a lot of do-it-yourselfers on this forum. Maybe that’s just because fixing things yourself is a large part of what this forum is about, or maybe it’s also because unicycling is usually something you have to do on your own: We are driven to this forum by a world that often has nothing more to say to us than “Where’s your other wheel?”

How about ambidextrous?

I’m an ambidextrous vegan unicyclist. Does that count?

Though my handedness is a bit all over the place. I prefer to do some things left handed and some thing right handed, probably just out of habit for the most part. Some things, it doesn’t matter. So I mouse with whichever hand is closest at the moment on traditional mice and trackpads, but I’ve only ever used trackballs left handed. It’s also influenced at this point by the number of times I’ve broken a wrist cycling (resulting in a period of using only one given hand) and my RSI (resulting in switching to whichever is doing better.

Another undecided/ambidextrous omnivore.

Vegetarian, right-handed though I do some things left-handed, such as hold the saddle handle —until the RSIs from always using the same side got so bad I’m having to switch. More UPDs and fluffed climbs for a while.

Left handed
PC all the way
Ballroom Dance Instructor

99% right handed and footed,
except answering and holding phone, and scrolling with thumb… at the same time jotting down notes with right.
and also holding steering wheel with left .
Probably from used to driving stick shift a lot before
( in other words, I’m a rightie unless right hand is occupied, and over years form the habit , then that particular task is dominated by left.

I’m trying to grasp the correlation between unicyclists, vegetarianism, and open-mindedness. I don’t see any. Of course the sentence was written by a vegetarian unicyclist which could explain any perceived connection.

Maybe its just me? but generally I see more people who are anti establishment and pro change are very often vegetarian… its just a personal observation with no facts to back it up :slight_smile:

Right handed omnivore here (never using i-Things).

I know another unicyclist (also right handed and omnivore) who brews his own beer.

you can see me pouring his beer at the end. Should you ever come to eastern Austria, bring your unicycle and a bottle of beer - we will find use for both.

Loving the label on the beer :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a right handed omnivore and do everything on my Android phone :slight_smile:

Maybe I am wrong

I am getting the feeling from these responses that I am wrong and it was just an un usual group I was with :roll_eyes: