Left handed riders... How many of you are actually left-handed?

Hi there, I’m wondering just how many people out there, who hop with their left hand, actually use it as their dominant hand in normal everyday things like writing?

Why am I asking? Well, I’d be interested to know because I will be swapping my hand from right to left, for unicycling, and I will also hop to my opposite side now. Effectively, I’m going from RH sidehopping left, to LH sidehopping right. I’m making this big change because I need to rest my right hand in a cast (hurt it 6 months ago), and I need to learn how to hop to my opposite side perfectly which can benefit my biketrials greatly too.

So I’m really just wondering how many of you out there hop with your bad hand, yet write with your normal hand? One example I know is Joe Hodges… But if there’s LOADS of you out there, it’ll be very encouraging for me as I want to know for sure that it is possible to get as good with my bad hand…

So, how about guys like Shaun J and Lucas Wintercrane? Both left handed hoppers, but right handed for normal stuff?

This could be interesting, to see if it’s physically possible to get perfect “feel” with your opposite hand and opposite sidehopping side. Anyone think I can pull it off? It’s a huge step for me, as it’s from square one again…


Sure, go for it. I can hop in reverse pretty well. Not as good as my normal hopping position, but I don’t practice left-hand hopping nearly as much. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I guess if you practice it you’ll be just us good or better with your left hand.

I hold with my left hand when I hop, and I’m left hand dominant in general.
It’s a bit more difficult to hop while holding with my right hand, but I do it to keep both sides exercised.

I hop to the right and to the left while holding with either hand. From your description, it sounds like you only hop in one direction while holding with the opposite hand. Is that correct?

You can do alot of things if you don’t give up :wink:

I find that I use my dominant hand for balance. I can hop with more accuracy and balance when I hold with my left hand and try to do my balancing with my right one.
However, I do write, draw and paint with my right and rotate the same direction as a righthanded person, but I shoot left handed in golf, hockey and bat left handed but catch with my left and throw with my right.
Maybe I am not the best example. I also skate and snowbaord regular foot.

I grip the seat left handed.

I am right foot forward on a unicycle.

I am left foot forward on a bike.

Write with my right hand.

Spin right.

I can turn left on a bike in tighter circles.

I can turn right on a unicycle in tighter circles.

I kick with my right foot.

Drink with my left hand.

Mouse with my right hand.

Put my pants on left leg first.

Deodorant left armpit first.

Shave my head right side first.

Sleep on my right side.

Push my unicycle around the halls at school with my right hand…

Need more info? Everyone should answer these questions.

I hop lefty, but am righty in general. I’ve always spun left, but in learning my rolling hop twist 180, I found I get better rotation when I spin to the right.

The thing that throws me off hoping with my right hand is my foot position. When I reverse it, it feels unnatural, and leaving my feet in the “lefty” position throws off my balance. What gives?

i write with my left hand
i hopped to the right with my right hand and yesterday i changed i keeped the same hand but i hop to the left

I’m a lefty but hold on with my right hand. I use the left hand for leverage.

i have my left hand on the handle/seat with right foot forward and jump to the right but am right hand dominant.

I’m right-handes. I hold the seat with my right hand. But my hopping skills are limited in a Trials sense, and I still have to learn proper SIF hopping on obstacles.

I’m not really a hopper, but I hold the saddle with my left hand (I find it easier to use my right hand for balance). I’m right-handed.


I hold the seat with my right hand while hopping, and have my right foot forward. Using my left hand for balance makes it seem easier to hop to the left for me, although I can hop to the right successfully if not as gracefully. I hadn’t thought of changing my hand, though it makes sense (I do get a sore right arm from holding on); I’ve practiced with a switchfoot stance quite a bit, though.

Normally, I use my right hand for gross motor skills and left for fine motor skills (eat and write left-handed, but throw everything except frisbees right-handed. I skateboard, snowboard, and waterski with my left foot forward, but kick right-footed.

This thread reminds me of the swordfight between Westley and Inigo in The Princess Bride, when they both fight left-handed because they’re so accomplished that they normally whup whomever they’re fighting so quickly that it gives them no satisfaction. It’s a good thing to work on your weak side now and then.

I’m right handed, but oddly enough I use my left hand for holding the lift handle while hopping, and also my left foot is forward for hopping too! Weird!

Im left handed, but uni hangin onto the seat and whatnot with my right hand.

wasn’t sure whether you were asking for people who hop with left hand but do other stuff with right,
i hop with left and that is the hand i use everything for except for diabolo

also hop left foot forward
kick with left
hop to right
go for it mate hope your arm is ok for buc or you get your other arm ready for it

i’m right handed, but i seat in hop with my left hand but sif i hop holding with my right hand.


left hand on handle
left foot forward
jumping to the right side

Im right handed.
I jump right foot forward.
I jump right handed seat in to the left.
I jump left handed seat out to the right.
Both feel natural and i can jump seat under with my left hand just im not as good but for basic stuff its easy.

I’m the same in these as MuniAddict: Right-handed, Left hand holds handle, Left foot forward, hop to the right.

Scary, as our brains are otherwise opposite of eachothers’.:smiley: