Left handed: Does it make a difference?

I’m left handed, and right footed. Most people are right handed and right footed. I’ve noticed that hopping onto something during a crank stall is almost impossible for me. I hop on the ground with my left pedal forward and I hold the seat with my left hand. What do you do? I’m curious, because I’ve noticed a few things that should be really easy seem super hard.

I’m really curious if this has an effect on my riding. Please comment.


I don’t think it really matters. I suppose if you’re hopping onto the left crank, maybe your arm gets in your field of vision a little bit. But it’s all preference.

Shouldn’t mater very much (at all)

As for the crank grabs i was unable to do it for the first few days that I attempted them then a couple days later with no practice I could do it every time. Eventually it will just work:)

No it prolly wouldnt, my lil sis does it the same way lol.

I believe that hopping in the direction of the hand you’re holding the seat with (i.e. holding with left hand and hopping to left) would make it harder to do pedal grabs, because you would need to lean further in to the ledge to stay balanced…