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it seems like I always drift to the left. I suspect it’s not me but the unicycle. If I’m sitting on it and I look straight down it seems like I can see more of the left side of the wheel (while the rest of the uni is IMHO exactly vertically aligned [that’s also what others told me]). So is it possible to adjust/repair this (tweak the screws or so)? If so, what can I do?

Thanks, Michael

In the past I’ve also had problems with “drift”. Assuming nothing is damaged on the uni (bent crank or frame), then a mechanical explanation may be tire pressure or the saddle. I’ve found that lower tire pressure can cause some wondering- on ‘paved’ surfaces anyway. If the saddle is not straight (aligned with the wheel) you may experience some wondering as well. Otherwise, if you’re a new rider, your hips may not be settled straight on the the saddle or you may be, subconsciously, applying more pedal pressure with your dominant leg. Good luck!


Depending on what type of unicycle you have, it’s possible that your wheel is tilted to one side. What type of unicycle is it?

It’s a 20" unicyle from hadibe. I bought it directly in a “unicycle store” so I can’t tell you any further details. It’s a beginner uni and maybe it has not such good quality!? (105 Euro)

I used to have the exact same problem uniing. However, as I’ve got better, the problem has decreased. I believe its caused by subcontiously tilting your body one way so your unicycle tilts that way so you turn. When your riding try bending to your right at the waist :slight_smile:

Thats just a guess. It might be the unicycle to (since I was using a savage :wink: )

I started with low tire pressure (I’m a beginner, this is my 5th day) but today I inflated more air. But still I notice this left drift. I think that the tire is not properly aligned (and if the tire is vertically aligned and I sit on the uni, the frame tends to the left). Is it possible to correct this misalignment myself, in general? Or isn’t it possible to repair such a misalignment?

Unicycles with main cap-type bearing attachments can be corrected relatively easily for wheel tilt. Find a picture of a unicycle like yours, that shows the wheel attachment type; the area around the wheel bearings. Or just tell us a common brand (like something found at Unicycle.com) that looks the same.

But if you’ve only been riding 5 days, the problem may not be mechanical. Many Americans find their unicycles drift to the right, but only later figure out it’s because they always ride on the right side of the road, on the crowned surface. If you’re in the UK, for instance, you might be getting a left drift from the left side. It could be riding surface, or just body position. Keep practicing your riding as well, and have fun!

Hi Micheal. It seems that your tire, rim, hub may not be aligned properly. Although I have never used this fix myself, I have heard it described on these pages many times.

Go get you a small shim. You can make this out of a long skinny piece of Pop can. The shim should be the width of your bearing and long enough to go around the top half of the bearing. Maybe go ahead and make several of these, so you can just keep slipping more in until you get the wheel 100% vertical.

In your case, this shim will be placed on the top of the LEFT bearing and then re-assemble the hearing holders. Check your wheels new alignment. Repeat until perfectly straigtht.

I hope this corrects your problem. I’m sure some others on this forum will give you more detailed instructions. NOTE: Shims cut from Pop cans are extremely sharp. BE CAREFUL!!! --chirokid–

What’s a “Pop can”? Is that anything like a Coke can? What kind of Southerner are you?:wink:

I think I may have made a thread on this ‘drifting’ (when it’s not the unicycle’s fault) but I can’t quite remember. It’s interesting isn’t it. I found that often when I’m riding a new unicycle I experience drifting for about 2 hours of riding, then it’s completely fine. But no matter how hard I try to correct it and ride normally without being uncomfortable, or how deeply I try to analyse what’s going on I never have any control over it. It just fixes itself. I don’t understand.


I looked at all models at unicycling.org and my uni looks pretty much like the first one listed there (same fork crown, same bearing attachment): http://www.unicycling.org/unicycling/Unidb/qdesc/cd.html

I’m from Germany and I was riding the same way in both directions but I always drifted to the left. So I guess that’s not the problem in my case. Of course, it could be a bad posture since I’m very new to unicycling. But I assume it’s (also?) a mechanical issue.

I hope you/someone can give me some further information (or some URL) on how to fix this with the link to that similar unicycle I pasted above.

Thanks very much to you all so far!

Re: Left Drift

“michael7” <michael7@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> I’m from Germany and I was riding the same way in both directions but I
> always drifted to the left. So I guess that’s not the problem in my
> case. Of course, it could be a bad posture since I’m very new to
> unicycling. But I assume it’s (also?) a mechanical issue.

One cause of drifting that hasn’t been mentioned is unequal pedalling.
If you push harder with your left leg than your right, you will drift
in that direction. My right leg is stronger, so I find myself
drifting to the right when I get tired after a long, hard ride.


The entire world is pretty much drifting to the left. Just don’t watch any more Michael Moore films and you may be able to correct this problem.

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I couldn’t agree with you more (even though that was completely off topic) :wink: