left crank on right side

There are several cheap left cranks available in the bike shops, but right cranks directly suitable for unicycle are hard to find.
I was just wondering what will happen if you put a left crank on the right side.
If you loctite firmly the pedal, will it work?

If you’re gonna try that, use #272 high strength red Loctite.

I think the constant force of trying to unscrew itself with every pedal stroke will break the Loctite, though.

You can grind off the spider (the part that holds the rings) and rings (the cheaper ones can’t be taken apart without grinding them off) from a bicycle crank

i dont know too much about this, but you put a helicoil and a tap where the pedal goes. This reverses the threads on the pedal part allowing you to put in a right pedal in a left crank without problems. The 24 inch yuni muni comes with two left bicycle cranks.


P.S. They sell both a unicycle.com. i just dont have time to look for it now.

Unicycle.uk.com have a range of alloy cranks which are machined from bicycle cranks, and correctly threaded for left and right pedals. Lengths down to 89mm, and up to 170mm. Why bodge when you can buy?

More to the point, the problem with the thread is that a left side pedal and crank would tend to part company if on the right side of the uni. At first sight, this seems to be the opposite of what you’d expect, and every few weeks, someone posts to say that the designers have got it the wrong way round. However, the phenomenon is a real one and I had it happen to me within 1/4 mile or so when I accidentally put the cranks on the wrong side of a uni.

I have never Loctited a thread in my life, and have experienced few problems with threads undoing if tightened correctly. I would not rely on Loctite to hold a pedal in place if the pedal and crankwere on the wrong side of the uni.

Helicoil thread inserts would presumably work, but as I said, why bodge if you can buy? Good quality uni cranks are readily available in all likely sizes.

There’s another problem… pedals come in pairs! If you buy a left and right pedal they’re threaded opposite ways, so the cranks must be too!


Thats what the tap and helicoil is for

doh! thanks, for leaving “nitwit” unsaid…

I just got my Yuni Muni today and it has a right and a left cranks.

Mine is a 24 gazz so the frame is actually the 26, but they probably use the same cranks, but i’m not 100% sure.