Leaving Newsgroup :-(

Hello all!

Well, I’ve now been reading the unicycling newsgroup for awhile, and I love
it!!! All of you have been very helpful, and keep my enthusiasm for unicycling
at a peak level. Unfortunately, I will have to stop recieving the newsgroup as
an email every day, since I am going into the Navy.

I am leaving on Monday for Basic Training at Great Lakes, just a 45 minute drive
from home, and will be there for 9 weeks- and I will have no access to any form
of internet, so I cannot let the messages pile up from now 'till then- I’d NEVER
get through them all!!!

After Basic, I will be going to Charleston, SC for 18 months of school, where
they tell me I’ll have access to the 'net, but not neccessarily time to use it.
Since I am going into the Nuclear Field, I will have access to computers- but I
don’t know about the time! After that, well, that’s long enough away for me not
to really have a clear idea yet of what will be going on- but basically, the
rest of my 6 year commitment will be served aboard a nuclear powered Aircraft
Carrier, serving as a Nuclear Trained Electronics Technician (ET).

Are there any riders in the Charleston, SC area, preferably close enough to
base to be in riding distance, or be able to come to such a location, who
would be interested in getting into regular MUni rides after spring? PLEASE
contact me!!!

I intend to be the first person to unicycle on the Flight Deck of an Aircraft
Carrier- I assume this has not been done before??? Also, I will be taking at
LEAST one uni with me, to ride while we are underway, and also in most of the
ports, foreign and domestic, that we pull into.

PLEASE feel free to email me at either of the addresses below, if you want to- I
may not get back to you for awhile (certainly not in the next 9 weeks or so!)
but since the newsgroup will not be coming here, your messages will not get
buried. Also, I will not get any messages sent to the newsgroup, so if anyone
has anything to say specifically to me, make sure to put my address into the To:
line of your email.

Again, thanks SO much for all the help everyone has given me, (especially John
Foss and Kris Holm!!) and keep on riding!!!

Always, Jeremy Chrisman unicycle@ihateclowns.com jrchrisman@yahoo.com

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