Least elegant mount ever (?)

I think I may have invented a new mount today when I started wondering if all possible mounts had been invented already.
The mount is not that difficult, but possibly wierdest looking mount ever done.
If anyone wants to try anyway, here is how you do it:

Starting position:
Left foot on left pedal. Pedal in bottom position
Knees slightly bent
seatpost resting on calf just behind the right knee
Palms on floor.

(I told you it would look wierd)

Lift right foot onto the pedal.
Walk backwards with your hands until you are in a crouching seat on side position.
Quickly stand up and start riding seat in back or seat on side.
Get seated.

Has this been done before?

I saw Floyd Crandall do this one at the 1981 National Unicycle Meet.

But he cheated, and used one with a really low seat.

Some call this a “floor mount,” meaning you start from a facedown position on the floor.