'Leash' for BC wheels?

Has anybody ever tried a leash on BC wheels, so they don’t go flying away from you? It wouldn’t have to be much, just maybe a string tied to the axle bolt… but were would you put the other end? Probably not your leg, maybe an arm…? Ever tried that?

I almost lost my BC into busy traffic the other day. And also, there’s this big downhill near my house I want to ride, but it’s a bumpy dirt road, and immediately at the bottom is a big river, with a bridge with sides a BC could easily fall over.

it seems like it could be dangerous when you fall. i dont know though. pm spencer or evan, they probably would know if it would work better than me. maybe a springy leash like the ones on body boards would be good?

When/If i get a BC i’m going to drill a smallish (10mm dia.) hole near the corner of the plate so that i can clip on a dog leash and just hold it in your hand. That way it is easy to remove if it is not needed.

Sam :slight_smile:

I thought about this but haven’t tried it for fear of getting tangled up in it. My BC has hit numerous thing including paked cars and neibourgh’s houses, it would definately be a good idea if you could get it to work

you could get a stronger version of the key chains that you can pull out so that there isn’t any loose cord.

something like this:


Hmm, do they make those?

I think I’m going to try just a regular string, and hold it in my hand.

That looks like it would work well. I leike the idea of not having slack cord.

Well if you are going really fast and fall off and it keeps going you will probably get knocked off your feet. You can try it, it might get in the way though.

Yes, I tried a bungee cord, a little. I had the other end on a belt loop. It’s really akward when falling off the front, it drags behind you. And I wasn’t even on a hill or anything. So I guess that’s out…

After a while you get better at not letting it fly away, I mean it still happens occasionally but if you are falling backwards just hold on;) Your but might hurt but you don’t have to go chase it.

I was doing 360s and slipped back and the bc hit my neighbors truck…shhhh don’t tell:)

A leash sounds like a good idea. I mostly know how to dismount with a little twist, so the wheel kind of drops in place. But if you’re trying all kinds of hard stuff, I’m sure there are plenty of times when it runs away from you.

The higher you attach the leash on yourself, the more line you can have. Attaching it to your wrist might leave you more flexible so you don’t lose your balance when it tugs on you.

Horrible idea, Bc wheels can accelerate a lot when they get shot out from under you, if it snags around your wrist it could easily sprain or break your wrist. Personally, I would rather dent a car than break a wrist.

Also if oyu had it attatched to your ankle, it would fuck up roll mounts, skate mounts, no footers, and many many many many many other tricks.

I would rather dent a car too because then I can run away and pretend nothing happened (I have never done that though):wink: For tricks it would get in the way and mess you up though.

That could be a good idea…the only bad things is it might get tangled in the spokes, possibly, but that would be easy to avoid. Also, if you’re going real fast, it might like pull your arm out of its socket or something.

Well if it was tied to your your belt loop it wouldn’t hurt you. And it doesn’t mess up skate mounts, I already tried it and it didn’t.

The only problem is is dragging you…

Still would mess up allmost every trick you can think of.

Its an absolutely pointless idea.

haha i got it … get one of those variable length dog leashes… that spring back and clip it to the platform …on the corner … then velcro it to a belt loop on the side of your leg (so that the velcro gets undone if its going too fast and it will get undone b4 the belt loop tears off your pants

good idea??

Except I can’t do any tricks yet.:slight_smile:

The only time I would use it, would be the hill and accros the bridge by my house, and riding long steep hills right next to a busy road.

Denting a car? What about them denting (or worse) my BC? Remember what happened to Catboy? :astonished:

Ha, Eric’s bc didn’t get dented, I think smashed would be a better word.
I am talking about parked cars anyway.

I can imagine going really fast then it slips away and since you have it on a leash it rebounds back and smacks you in the face. Can that happen?