Regarding the post asking how to get others to provide shoulders for you to
learn to ride …

When I was learning to ride the unicycle, I came up with a method that did not
require imposing on anyone else. I lived in a college dorm which had long and
narrow halls. This worked out well because i could ride down the hall, and run
one hand along each wall. Eventually, I was riding the length of the hall
without touching the walls. Then, I moved outside. If you have access to long
narrow halls, consider riding in them. The other nice thing about this approach
is that it allows you to learn at times when you can not go outside ( like
nighttime, or cold/rainy days)

Later, Bob Robert_McLeod@jhuapl.edu

Re: Learning

>Anyway another convert !

Hallelujah brother, preach the word.

There is only one wheel.

and wide is the road that leads to destruction (ever tried unicycling on a
freeway) but narrow and windy is the path of the righteous (Muni comes to
mind here).

Wayne van Wijk (mono-theistic and mono-cycled)