Before anything else, I’m new to this forum so I don’t know exactly where to post this so don’t get mad at me.

With that out of the way, I got a uni about 2 years ago. I learned to ride it in about a month but then I had foot surgery. I’d like to ride again but I just can’t seem to get it down. Do you guys have any tips on how to learn again? Where to start (location), or what to focus on. Just some general info on how to start.

Thanks in advance!!

I guess this is a good enough place to post :), Since you already learned before, it shouldn’t be that hard to pick it up again. I would say the important things are to focus putting pressure on the seat, not the pedals, head up, and back straight. Make your self a target to ride to, then try to beat that, and repeat. Soon you’ll be riding great again!

Btw, use the search and you’ll find tons of great topics written for learning. Or just go to the unicycle articles and tutorials forum.
Happy Easter!

Constructive practice.

That means lots of practice, but:

  1. Concentrating on an achievable goal.

  2. Stopping for a rest or a change when it starts to go wrong - otherwise you will just reinforce the muscle memory for how to do it wrong!

The ideal learning area has a wall or fence at one side, a 10 metres of smooth concrete or tarmac. Riding on uneven ground is much more difficult.

Put the pedal at the bottom, but your foot on it, put the seat in place, put your hand on the wall, and step up. It is the weight of your foot on the bottom pedal that keeps the uni steady.

If the pedal is anywhere else except the bottom, you will risk falling and hurting yourself.

Once you are on, try to move the uni until the cranks are more or less horizontal, but with your “strong foot” slightly higher.

Now relax. Get used to sitting up there.

Now, aim the uni away from the wall a bit (not at right angles, but say 30 degrees or so).

Let the uni start to fall in the direction you want to go, and pedal smoothly.

Count the pedal strokes. There will be exactly one of them before you fall of.

If you fall off the back, you will hurt yourself, and it is a sure sign that you are not committing yourself. You should always fall off the front.

Keep repeating this exercise until you suddenly do 2 pedal strokes, then 3.

Keep a count of your “best score”.

A chart of your progress will look something like this:


Once you get past about 20, the rest is just practice and experience.:slight_smile:

Keep your weight on the saddle, not on the pedals.

Look where you are planning to go; don’t look down.

Think “smoooooth”.

Good luck.:slight_smile:

This is a great sport.

Thanks guys. Really helpful advice. As to how I should be able to pick it up easily, it’s hard because I kinda had to regain my whole sense of balance. But it was worth it considering I don’t have any more pain.