learning with no brake

i had heard before that for effective Muni you need to learn to use your back foot but i recently properly understood it. i bought a brake a while ago because i had the money. i loved using it but it broke. the replacement piece is taking awhile to affordably show up. but because of that mishap i have learned to use my back foot!!! now, some of the things that i used to ride with the brake i have learned to ride without it and i ride them better!!!

basically i am just adding an anectdote to an old lesson.


I wish I had the money for a brake… so I could apply it to a new uni :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll get one in a few more years when my knees are shot to hell, but at this point I don’t want a brake… I want a moped engine to go up the hills :smiley:

I think that you may have something there.


As I posted I was reminded of my dad’s moped, a model named “Solex”. The difference betwixt this and other mopeds is that this is basicly a bike frame with a small engine mounted over the front tire. The engine has a small roller that presses against the tire and thus turns the wheel… Heavy mofo tho.

Moped Pic

Oh wait… this is a threadjack… huh? My bad…