Learning with an 18"

I’m new to unicycling… i still can’t make it but 6 feet on my own until i fall…I’ve been reading all these forums saying that 20" and 24 " wheels are best to learn on… Does that mean, it’s gunna be harder for me to learn on an 18" … and why does the tire size make so much difference… besides the fact that a bigger wheel will get you where you need to be quicker with less peddling…ANY advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!:smiley:


Mary Jane

well it really dpends on how tall u are…my suggestion is just work w/ what u got…just keep at it and you’ll get it soon enough

Well i’m 5’3"… and when i bought it , they said that an 18" was best for someone my height but i never hear anyone talking about how great an 18" is to learn on… But I’ll just stick with it until i can actually ride and then upgrade …

Thanks !

You’ll be fine with the 18". Enjoy it until you outgrow it, either physically, or in ability. Then you have a range of choices. One good way to explore that range is to hit the nearest uni club meeting, where you will probably be welcome to try all sorts of unis.

Yeah that’s a good size and welcome to the fora!

i learned on an 18"

really it makes no diference the 24 in. tires are to big and bulky for my taste but what ev…

I learned on an 18 incher to, it just takes practice like learning on any other unicycle. Keep at it!

i learned on a 16 inch and im 5,8

The bigger your wheel, the higher your center of gravity is, and so the trickier riding it is. An 18" wheel will only make it easier.

im 6’ 2’’ and i learnt on a 20 inch, to get my balance i used to rock back and forth watching tv and leaning on kitchen table