Learning unispins

i’ve never actually completed a unispin, i always get just one foot back on. i just need some tips on how to do them. its getting really frustrating :angry:

I wrote a tutorial, and sparky marky made a video tutorial, but i doubt it will solve your problem. You aren’t committing. It helps loads if you keep your back as straight as possible, but make sure your arms are bent when you hold the seat. Keep the seat as close to your body as possible, to help keep balance, and to keep the uni under you. When you jump, remember to snap your legs out, and TRY TO GET BOTH FEET ON! Most people have problems learning tricks because of the fear of injury. Learn on grass first, but on shorter, harder grass. That is how I learned. Just dont back out half way. Thats all I can manage to explain. If you have any more questions on the unispin, here’s my tutorial on em: Beeper's Written Unispin Tut

Im sure sparky marky will post here soon with his tut as well. Best of luck!


Thanks dude. im beginging the stages of learning too. :slight_smile:

No Problem. I dont know any other unis you have, but the 24" DX isn’t a great choice for unispins. I learned on a 20" Torker LX. It was a decent uni to learn tricks on. What im saying is that once you get a nice street or trials uni or whatever, make sure you have a backup uni to learn things on. The Torker LX 20" played the roll of a back up uni for my nimbus street. Unless you already have a 20", I highly suggest you get one for learning tricks on, before you pull them on a more expensive/valuable uni.

If you insist :smiley: Here it it.

bennet, I dont know if it will help you at the point you are at. You just need to go out for a solid session, comit yourself and you will land it. I would exsperiment with standing more upright and arching rightover it, just keep trying things untill it works.

Thanks, I am getting a kh/nimbus for christmas. so yea thanks.

Its gonna be a little heavier to learn on, but it should do fine. Good luck!

If you ahve access to a camera, use it and record your practice. Watch what your feet are doing, slow it down, film different angles. It helps a lot.

My friend learned to unispin in 5mins like this.

5 mins? Thats pretty hard to believe. It would take you 5 mins to set up the camera and walk over your uni let alone give it a few attempts and watch the footage and then actuly land it. Was it a 180 or a 360?

Well, I picked up my camera, took off the lens, and hit record. That took a few seconds, I filmed him for 2mins, re-winded and we watched one min of him trying, and I pointed out what his foot was doing wrong, then he went back and landed it. Took 5mins.

It was a 180. Id be impressed if he learned to do 360s before 180s.

Of course if he was by himself it would take a few mins longer to setup the camera. But I never said he would learn them in 5mins, so it really doesn’t matter for him to setup his camera and record his attempts.

Come to think about it my friend landed a 180 unispin on his first try, seriously. I doubt your going to believe me now but realy he did. He was on his cheap lerner uni and I told him he should try, I had been trying for a while then he landed it first try. He couldnt land another though and hasnt done since. Was it pure fluke he landed it or did he land another soon after?

I beleive it, cause its kinda happened like that to me.

I was messing around on my friends LX, and it was when i was wanting to learn a 180 unispin, but only have tried a few times. Anyways, I got on his uni, and jokingly said “Unispin!” and ended up landing one right there.

My friends wast a fluke, cause he was able to get them pretty consistent. I say was though, because now he doesnt want to do them anymore. It sucks that he isnt as motivated to ride and practice as he used to.

Same here. It wasn’t an accedent, but I had known how to unispin mount for the longest time, and I wanted to give the actual thing a shot. As I went out to give it a try on the grass, I was thinking “yea right”. After several failed attempts, I was ready to give up and just ride around. I tried to unispin one last time, hoping I was not about to get in the back of an ambulance. I closed my eyes, trusted my instincts and bam. I landed it. :smiley:

yah bro had the same problem. just comit to landing it. thats all. secret pill