Learning tricks

What are some easy tricks for beginers I can ride fluently but want to learn some tricks. Also how do I go about learning them

  • Riding backward
  • Idling
  • Hopping
  • Making sharp turns, maybe a 180 or 360 without moving much forward

Take a look at the skill levels:


About how to learn them. Look on youtube. Sometimes, though, actually unicycling with others who are more experienced will save you some time.

Always break hard tricks into steps. For example to learn how to jump mount, I first did it perfectly on grass, since the wheel will not roll as much, then moved on to asphalt.

While I definitely agree with this advice, there is also no “shortcut” to learning anything on a uni. Gotta practice a lot to get to a high level.

I’d also say not to get discouraged by all of these videos of young guys ripping off insane street stuff. They put in an insane amount of hours to get to that point. I love watching that stuff just because it’s a reminder of what’s actually possible on this contraption.

Thanks. All great advise

:thinking: THE best way is to join a chess player forum and ask people over there. Then you get it instantly.