learning tricks on KH24

Hi everybody,

I am looking for good tricks to learn on my KH24.

So far I can do wheelwalking, one footed, idling, side hopping up and down things seat in only, riding adventurous downhills and uphills, logriding (sort of).

So I’m wondering if I could also learn things like unispins, gliding, coasting, standup stuff etc. with this setup. I also want to increase my very poor hopping height (it’s about 35cm at the moment).

So since everybody seems to be doing that kind of stuff on 20" wheels I would like to hear some opinions about where the limits would be for a 24" muni. Would you recommend getting a 20" to learn those tricks in the first place and then transfer them to the 24"?

You can definatly do tricks on a KH24 but there are a bit harder to learn because of the bigger wheel and the height.

During a competition, one of my friends jumped over a bar of 65 cm with a KH24 and I’m sure people have done higher.

Personnaly, I have learn the tricks on a 20" but I didn’t have a lot of difficulties to transfer tricks like gliding and 360 unispin on a 24"MUni.

I think a 20" wheel would help to learn tricks but if you practice hard enough you can learn a lot of tricks on a 24"


Thanks for your reply, so I’ll just keep trying to improve my skills on the 24" and maybe get a 20" too some time.

It’s probably worth getting a 20" if you want to do quite a bit of trials, street or freestyle. It’ll just be so much easier to learn tricks on.

My first uni was a KH24. I learned to do all the skills you can do, and gliding. I learned to unispin on a 20", but it is very possible to learn on a 24.

Another skill to work on: seat out work: seat out hopping, seat drag in front, seat drag in rear.

I still recommend a 20" for more trials-type things, but a good trials rider can do lots of cool stuff on a 24".


Okay, I guess it’s only a matter of time until I get a 20", looks like the new KH20 will be out soon! Until then I’ll try some seat outish things…


Some things like no-footers are actually easier on a 24, because it’s a more stable platform to jump from. The wheel doesn’t rotate as much if your pedals are weighted a little unevenly.

I learned unispins on a 24. You have to get your feet a little higher and wider to clear the tire - and put a little more muscle into starting the spin. Otherwise it’s not that different.

Mostly it’s just that the 24 is a little more intimidating to try new stuff on, cause you’re two inches higher off the ground.