learning trials

I want to get into trials but what should I work on before I spend the cash and find out I dont like it.

Start with jumping, then go higher and higher.

get some pallets and maybe some skinnies and just keep trying different things. there isn’t much point splashing out on expensive equipment if your not going to stick at it, i could jump about 60 cm before i eventually broke my learner 20 and got myself a KH trials.

Be careful with some advice you’ll get on here. Yeah a good sidehop height is important but that’s not all there is to trials. Practice skinnies, gaps and drops. Practice your balance, this helps you stay on the uni if you land awkwardly. Learn how to keep your balance on uneven surfaces. Its really good to be able to ride a variety of spots, so if you only learn to ride urban stuff with 90 degree angles you’re limiting youself a lot. As far as spending money on a trials uni, its worth it even if you only want to do trials once in a while, but I also don’t know what you have now to use.

a 20inch sun flat top and a 24’'dx

eek! Suns are definately not up to trials. You should use the DX, But it would probably be harder on the bigger wheel.

I completely wrecked my sun flat top 24" by just simple hopping. And torker hubs are alot stronger. use the DX until you get a trials uni.

just use the DX to start trials. It’s 24" size isn’t ideal but at least it won’t break!

To learn trials, jump up and down everything you see and try and ride every rock or ledge you find. Then decide what you like best and do that :wink: