learning to wheel walk on a 24" MUni with a short seatpost.

Well, I don’t have the greatest equipment to learn on, but I got a KH 24" on saturday, and it’s all I got. Trouble is, once I cut the seat post to a reasonable level for my 5’9" height, with enough room to hop regularly, I can’t reasonably get my foot all the way to the frame crosspiece.

Any suggestions for alternate placements? I’d love pictures or video of someone wheelwalking on a really short seatpost.

alright, this video gives me confidence that I’ll eventually get it, but it’ll probably take longer than learning on a 20".

i learned how to ride by learning to freemount first, so i’m no stranger to learning in a strange order.


That’s a 36er

…yes, yes it is.

my seatpost is about the same length as his, and while his trick is far more impressive than mine will be, i don’t think he learned how to wheel walk on a coker.

seeing someone do a more difficult trick gives me confidence. noticing that his feet never reach the frame, which is different from all “how to wheel walk” instructions, gives me confidence.

we good?

Well, I just learned something. I didn’t know they said to put your foot on the frame. I never did. On retrospect I don’t think it is really a good idea anyway. Supposedly it helps keep the wheel steady while you move your other foot up, but while wheel-walking you have to be able to keep the wheel controlled with a single free-of-frame foot anyway.

I got very close to learning wheel-walking on a 24" MUni with 165mm cranks (read: lower seat), and did it over 10 feet while lightly holding someones hand. After switching to a 20" with slick tire I found it quite a bit easier, but it is completely reasonable to learn it on a 24" MUni. A guy in my club was learning on his and doing well.

For best results, learn to wheelwalk on a 20" or 24" unicycle with plenty of seatpost. You could even raise the seat too high for you to ride, but that’s kind of cheating.

“Regular” wheel walking doesn’t involve any feet on the frame, so don’t worry about that. That comes later, if you want to do it with one foot, but on your uni it might look better with the other leg just dangling.

Search “wheel walk” and similar in these forums for lots of advice on learning the basic technique. My basic advice is “Toe-heel, and don’t try to go fast”.

I learned wheel walking on a 24x3 tire. I found it easiest going uphill a little bit at first, and then when on grass I found I had the most control.

Water/rain does not go well with wheel walking. Practice when it is dry.