learning to slackline on a unicycle

Yesterday I started learning to ride a sliackline on my unicycle. This video is one of my best runs. Of course my best was right after the camera died. Hopefully I’ll get all the way today.

Tough challenge.

I have enough trouble just setteing up a line, let alone walking it, so I don’t think I will be adding my uni to the mix anytime soon.

Great effort on your part so far. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Harley!

With a little more practice I can now get fully across and hop off. Not a ton but I made a short edit of what I have managed to do.

:astonished: WOW!! truly impressive. & on a pretty long length of line to boot.

You’re not making it easy for your self!


You should give it a try, it’s easier than you would think.

One of my unicycling friends bought one last week and we started to try. But up to now it is hard to walk a bit, so unicycling must wait :wink:
I’m even more impressed due to that :slight_smile:

Nice job!! I probably couldn’t do a skinny that long, so with it wobbly that’s pretty impressive.