Learning to ride....

I just bout a uni and have a few questions on how to mount/ride.

  1. When mounting, is it a good idea to have both hands on the front of the seat to protect my nuts? If I don’t…everytime I try to mount it feels like I get kicked in the nuts.

  2. So far I have been keeping both hands on the front of the seat while somewhat holding my body weight off (to alleviate stress on my nuts), is this a good idea?

  3. Should I remove my hands from the seat when I try to take my first pedal?

Thanks for any suggestions…after 3 hours of practicing… I have a stomach ache, since the nerves that innervate the nuts go right up into the belly :frowning: .

Oh and also, I’m not using a wall or any support device to start…would I learn quicker if I used some sort of support device as oppose to simply freestyling it?

I just push them out in the front just before I mount. Wearing tight shorts helps in keeping them out of the way…

I think if you are a beginner it would be useful if you spread your arms out to aid balance instead of your hands on the saddle.And a support device is better initially, as it helps you get used to pedaling for a longer distance (compared to just freestyling it) and helps you ride in a straight line once you get the hang of riding( pedaling a few revolutions)…Once you can do that, let go of the wall opr fence or whatver you were holding on do…

You can search for previous threads on similar issues…

P.S.- If you use a support system you can mount and then get your nuts out of the way and continue practising until your nuts automatically get out of the way<<<I don’t know how that works but I don’t “adjust” as much as I used to when I started out…

get some cycling shorts
they help to keep them out the way for long periods of time

u can learn without using any kind of support
i suspect it might take a bit longer tho
if u do want to use support, use it to get used to the smoothly rotational way u have to pedal in order to be able to ride the uni
make sure u keep all your wight on the seat

let us know how u get on

try doing the static mount first it is easier in my mind, also you should hold onto something it will help you learn. you should also learn the technique where your just turn your uni when your about to fall cause it is helpful now and when you can ride if your about too fall
but the static mount is the easiest but i would recommend holding onto something to mount and learn to mount after you can already ride.
and you dont have to get bike shorts get pull up all your “parts” then get on the seat

Ok thanks for the suggestions, I’m gonna go out and put em to use :slight_smile:

dont hold with two hands use one to kinda get a hold then let go if your learning you want both hands for balence