learning to ride

I’m a grandmother in Syracuse Ny interested in interesting my grandson also of
Syracuse in unicycyling. Where do I start jrm9000@aol.com

Buy him one on unicycle.com.

I spent $100 on a 2004 Torker LX and it’s been money well spent.

If he doesn’t like it, you could sell it on this forum or ebay, at a small discount. I don’t think you’d have a problem.

…or get him a Torker CX for almost 1/2 the price. Still a great starter uni.

Until the rim bends while you’re learning.

I’m still bitter.

How old is your grandson? How tall, and what is his weight?
The answers to these will influence which uni is best for him.

I would strongly advise against getting the CX. The LX is a much better unicycle and is well worth the extra money. Trust me, I’ve had two of each. :smiley: