Learning to ride

I am about to buy my first unicycle off unicycle.com and I was wondering if it would be easier for me to learn because I can ride long distances on my mountain bike no handed

Yes it will help. But the unicycle will still seem impossible at first, so expect that. :slight_smile:

Hi Leptiptidium and welcome to the forum!
I believe that riding your bike no handed, won’t make it a lot easier for you. With unicycle you have to keep the balance against 4 directions, and it feels completely different.
It’s funny but I noticed many times while bicycle riders passing me, they start riding no handed, as they were saying: “hey, see me I can do it also!” :wink:

Good luck!


Thats a start. I just started two weeks ago and have a strong MTB background. I have found that my cycling strength has not transferred much to the unicycle. It is very difficult for me to relax and keep a lot of weight in the seat, but its getting easier every time I ride. Just get started and stick with it.
You are going to love addictive challenge.

Unicycling would be easier than riding the trails around here no-handed on a bike. If you’re comparing to riding a bike on smooth pavement the uni will be harder by a good measure.

A unicycle will probably seem very impossible at first no matter what other things you do.

The left/right axis is the easy one. It is the front/back axis that is the tough one. However, if you can stand on your seat while riding without hands it will probably be an easy transition. :slight_smile:

Just keep working at it and you will be able to unicycle. It is an great sport, but I don’t think riding with no hands has much to do with it. Enjoy it and don’t give up!

Or the skills will transfer easily if you can do this on a bike.