Learning to ride the 36" UW

Ok, I built it now In am trying to learn to ride it.

I had my first real go today riding along a wall for support. I figured that the tyre has to rub on the leg going up otherwise it is like putting a break on. I had some moments (emphasise moments) when I got it going without the tyre rubbing my legs much. After an hour I gave up to come home for a real ride on a uni with a seat and then study TWNR.

Any tips

I only tried this briefly on my Coker wheel. I got to the stage where I could ride it for 50m or so and ride it backwards for a few pedal revolutions. The only advice I can think of (and it was very important for me because there was more side to side movement with my coker wheel than a true UW) is to try to anticipate the forces the wheel is going to put on your legs and sort of preload it in the opposite direction. It seems simple and obvious, but I remember that I wasn’t doing it enough at the beginning and when I did bring myself to do it it really helped.

As you’ve already realised, the one to learn from is Brian. :slight_smile:

Good luck,