Learning to ride on a Coker (Day 9-2 Mar)

Came home from work, put dinner on to cook, checked to see if I needed to do laundry or ironing, and then embarked on another 15 minute practice session. (This sentence presented to appease Raphael (JJuggle) who is worried about my children’s welfare :stuck_out_tongue: )

This was one of those days when I feet that my theme song should be “Two steps up and one step back”. I was sort of getting up to two pushes of the pedal, but then my innate sense of fear took over and I fell off, usually backwards. This is NOT a good sign as it means I’m leaning backwards not forwards and am generally a moron when it comes to riding a unicycle. :angry:

It didn’t help that I had my worst fall since starting to learn to ride. I fell off forwards and took the full impact on my hands and knees. Thankfully I had put my wrist guards on but not my knee guards. My jeans seem to have taken most of the impact, but I do have a paving pattern on my knees. I’ll see if I have any bruises tomorrow. I’ll be putting those knee guards on the next time I practice. I guess this is something we all have to learn the hard way.

After that I was a bit shaken and it took a while to work up the courage to set out for the open paving again. I compromised by trying to ride for abut two pedal pushes in the direction of the wall to try to reduce my chances of falling. This at least kept me going when the wussy little voice inside me was saying “Go inside, forget about it, there are easier things to do” and other such cowardly things.

On my last run I just about managed 3 pedal pushes and a stop at the wall. That will have to do for today. Tomorrow has to be better (and I’ll be wearing all the protective stuff I own).


Re: Learning to ride on a Coker (Day 9-2 Mar)

It’s clearly guilt related. Where’s the quality time, huh?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

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That would be the part of the evening excluding the 15 minutes I spent on the unicycle! :wink:


Let me tell you what I have learned about falling off the Coker.
The second day that I rode mine, I was wearing my 661 knee/shin guards, helmet and wrist guards. When I UPD’d at speed, I ended up on my hands and knees. This would have been fine, except for the fact that my guarded hands slid on the pavement causing me to end up on my knees and unprotected elbows :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
Wear some elbow pads along with your other protective gear, it’s a long way down to the pavement :wink: :astonished:

Re: Learning to ride on a Coker (Day 9-2 Mar)

I went through the same thing. I believe it is a common mistake for a beginner. I had an entire frustrating day of this conditioned fearbased behavior.
Here’s the trick to overcome it:
As a warm up (before deciding to do any pedal revolutions) miss 5 mounts on purpose.

How? You act like you are going to mount, but instead of landing the second foot, gracefully land on the ground in front of the unicycle. (When I did this with my municycle, I just let it hit the ground sometimes - but I don’t recommend that for Coker - they seem easier to break. Perhaps someone could catch it for you.).

Anytime you fall off backwards, repeat this exercise immediately 5 times.
It should help you a LOT with mounting, falling and riding correctly.

I’ll have to find some first. Over here, if it’s not essential for rugby or cricket it’s a pain to find. I know they do have arm padding for batsmen but I doubt that would survive a run along the tarmac. I’ll keep looking and in the meantime stick to jeans and long sleeved shirts. I’ll check out the Sportsmans Warehouse over the weekend and if that doesn’t work I’ll check the yellow pages for motorcycle shops. Whatever it costs I’m sure it’ll be cheaper than an trip to the emergency room. :slight_smile:

Sounds good, should be able to manage everything but the graceful part. :wink:

Positive note - at least I stuck it out for the full 15 minutes. I was so tempted to just call it a day after that fall, but I knew if I walked away then I’d never get back to it. I keep telling my kids (well, the 13YO, the 4YO is a bit young for pep talks) to “do” not “try”. It’s a whole mindset thing. What kind of example would I be setting for them if I quit the moment things got difficult? That’s why I’m practicing in 15 minute sessions. I reckon you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes.


would that include listening to reba mcintyre?

Dave, I have spent over 15 minutes listening to a colicky baby scream. I can handle just about any noise. I can’t recall having heard Reba sing (other than the theme song for her TV show, but only if I don’t get to the “off” button fast enough) but I think I could handle it. It wouldn’t be fun, probably more painful than landing face first in a pool of starving piranhas, but I’d manage!