Learning to ride on a Coker (Day 7-29 Feb)

OK. I didn’t get in a solo ride today, but I did get in my longest wall-free ride. I have also developed my own theory of why younger people learn to unicycle sooner than older people. The youngsters don’t have kids of their own to get in the way!

Today I waited until the shops closed, loaded the coker, the kids, and the brother into the car. The coker does fit in my boot, I just have to put it in the right way. Drove to the parking lot. Parked in the shade, opened doors and windows to keep kids cool, took out coker and prepared to ride. 13YO was playing gameboy, 4YO was supposed to be sitting in shade watching mommy and uncle.

First thing I realise - I have to mount with assistance from the car boot. Next thing I realise - the parking lot isn’t exactly smooth, but it’s much bigger than the paving. Finally get on wheel, get going, think “OK”. Then - hear little 4YO footsteps behind me. Think “Can’t bash into 4YO - must get off now”. Get off wheel. Repeat from start. For a slight variation, have 4YO come up alongside you and say “Hold my hand mommy”. 4YO eventually loses interest in mommy and goes to bother 13YO.

So - no solo riding, but a couple of almost circuits about 10 parking bays long. Also, and this is even better, moments of feeling like I’m doing it right at last. All my weight on the seat, pushing pedals very gently, no groans of pain from Leslie as I’m not digging my fingers into his arm trying to defy gravity.

My plan for tomorrow - stop thinking about going solo and just do it!


Can you ride a 24" or 28" unicycle?

Re: Learning to ride on a Coker (Day 7-29 Feb)

Now if you had said “the kids fit in the boot” I’d be recommending a relevant nursery rhyme. :wink:

Excellent progress and please keep up the reports!

Nope. I can’t ride any unicycle yet. I am learning to ride (unicycles) on the coker. If you have a look at
this thread at the bottom of the first page, GILD (aka Dave) gives quite a good explanation.

No - they didn’t get broth (with or without bread) and they weren’t smacked soundly and sent to bed. (Assuming we’re talking about the old woman who lived in a shoe here) They did get taken to Mac Donald’s for an ice cream, though.