learning to ride- help please!

hey, ive had my uni for about a year now and am finding it hard to get anywhere. when i have support to get up i can ride without help for about 50metres (always going to the right for some reason). i find that after a while i seem to go to fast and my legs cant move fast enough aah and i cant stop myself tensing up and putting all my weight on the pedals rather then the saddle. also what height should i have it at, because i was doing a circus workshop the other day and i was doing really well because the one i was riding had a thicker tire, but the guy sed i had it to high so i was out of control but any lower and i feel a bit like a giraffe on a scooter. and tips that could help would be greatly appreciated cheers.

the seat should be at the height where when the pedal is at the bottom your leg is almost fully extended.

if you’ve been riding for a year and are still having this problem, something is definitely wrong. what kind of unicycle do you have? if you’ve got one of those cheap, cheesy, old, wal-mart type unicycles with cottered cranks.

if you’re speeding up out of control, then you need to learn more control of the cranks. you should be able to push back on the cranks when they come up the other side, in order to slow down.

Re: learning to ride- help please!

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>and tips that could help would
>be greatly appreciated

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