Learning To Ride at Age 50

I learned when I was 45 (I’m now 50). I’m definitely still
improving too. At this year’s NAUCC & Unicon, I did the best I’ve ever
done (measured against myself). Even rode the 10K, albeit very slowly (70


>From: “Ken Grunstra” <kagaroo.hotmail.com@unicycling.org (at)>
>I’m 50 years old and I just learned to ride this year. I’m curious to know
>if there are any other old geezers out there who were foolhardy enough to
>take up unicycling at such an advanced age. I know there must be a few
>riders in my age bracket, but what about new riders? Can I get in the
>Guinness Book of World Records? Can I at least drink a Guinness?
>-Ken Grunstra (desperately trying to learn to idle)
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Scott, Jody, Vjera, Luke, Hope, Thad, and Simon Arnold:
The local unicycling family in Springfield, Oregon.

I guess not! I am 50 and trying to learn. I have done about 50 yards, and then took a good spill. After that I am back to the beginning. It’s not the same when you are 50. What do you suggest, so that I can overcome that big spill. It did not hurt so much it was more psychological.

you are going to want to ask muniaddict, and watch some of his videos. just search uni-geezer or uni geezer on this forum.

Haha thanks for the promo! I’m 51 but still waaay short of my “uni/muni goals”. For those who haven’t seen any of my Uni-Geezer or other vids, here’s a link to all 58 of 'em: :slight_smile: http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=ttt8699

no problem, i have to introduce the #1 geezer video guy.

We have a guy in NZ who is still learning new tricks at the age of 71! http://www.unicycle.org.nz/bb/viewtopic.php?t=1224

I don’t think there is an age limit to wanting to learn how to unicycle. :smiley: If you want to try something different. Then do so. There’s no stopping the imagination or perseverance of people. :smiley:

This is from 2002.


Although I first rode a uni in 1964 I didn’t buy one until about seven years ago.

Falls will occur but they shouldn’t dissuade you. From painful experience I urge you to wear wrist guards. It’s human nature to put out your hand to stop sudden falls and I proved the need for the protection just before my 58th birthday. I hit the pavement and immediately felt a numbing sensation in my hand. The little finger was sitting at a strange angle and it earned me a trip to the emergency room. The base of the hand was fractured and required the insertion of three lateral pins the width of my hand. When I returned to riding the uni, I experienced the exact same fall. This time the wrist guard did its job. I haven’t had a a fall like that since then but I wouldn’t think of riding without the guards and a helmet. At my age I have to recognize that bones are more brittle and recovery time is a bit longer. I haven’t ridden yet this season because I just recovered from a couple broken ribs incurred in a ski racing accident. I do plan on commuting to work on my 28" Sun starting next week. Incidentally, “work” is a bike shop that stocks unis. If anyone is in the market for entry level models check out our online store.

Glad somebody noticed that.

Should we curse him out for using the search function?

I learned to ride after I turned 50-years-old. I was a very cautious learner and I am still a cautious rider.

I always suggest a tennis court for learning. You can hold onto the fence plus the surface is smooth and level. However, if you can ride 50 yards then you may be past the tennis court stages.

To overcome the big spill, just keep riding but take things real easy. Build back to where you were. I can appreciate what you are going through. I have been there and done that.

In no time you will be riding everywhere. I have unicycles for freestyle, trials, off-road and on-road. They all get used but at a reduced level.

Keep riding !!

Thanks for the inspiration. I was starting to wonder if someone else had experienced something similar to this. I have been real busy but I will start again tomorrow. This time I will take things easy and slowly get back to riding again. Thanks a lot for your bit of inspiration!!! :slight_smile:

I took your advice and went to a tennis court. Actually it was two side by side with no fence in the middle. I started holding on to the fence and slowly started getting back that feeling of balance. Soon I was letting go of the fence and riding a bit. After about an hour of this I got the courage to try riding again. I tried it and to my surprise was able to ride the whole length of the tennis court. I then continued trying and then was able to ride the length of both tennis courts. What a relief it was, to overcome that big spill!!!

I have to really thank you for your advice, because I felt I was alone out there. It really helps knowing someone else had your same experience. Thanks, now I can ride again and have left that fear behind. :slight_smile:

I did take your advice and bought full protection. It made me feel safer, and now I am riding again. :slight_smile:

Learning at 50

I just helped a 52 year old guy out the other day. He is riding but can’t free mount yet.

I myself and 35 and learned to Unicycle only a little more than a year ago. With unicycling it is not the age and the strenght that matters so much but he will to succede.


Glad to hear that worked for you. I find myself returning to the tennis court when I start working on new skills such has wheel-walking and one-foot riding. However, with these 2 skills I need to spend a LOT more time on the court. Having the fence to hold onto helps build confidence.

I am nearly 46 and first learnt to ride about 15 months ago, although I have had some quite active hobbies in the past, rugby, rockclimbing and mountain b**ing.
I now have 3 unis, my original learner, a 26" muni and a 29" road uni and I’m currently training hard for the SSMM, a 24 hour off-road team race.
I now love unicycling, I have chosen the endurance route rather than tricks and trials, but I am seing constant improvments and I am still getting a buzz from it.

Geezer flight…

At this stage in life I only focus on distance riding. I’d like to learn to hop or idle to make it easier waiting for traffic lights to change but I don’t know if I have the commitment to spend the time learning. I’ve tried idling on my 20" in the garage but a half dozen forward/back cycles seems to be my limit. Simply riding the uni half a dozen or a dozen miles is a good workout, builds up my quads for snowboard racing and amuses the neighbors… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Just to give you an update I can ride for miles now on my 26" unicycle. The seat is really terrible, since I have an entry level sun unicyle. I now built the courage to buy a nimbus 36" deluxe with brakes which I ordered today from unicycle.com. I should get it in 2 to 3 weeks. I am very excited!

My ultimate goal is to ride a 56 mile fun bike ride on october 2008. I think I can get enough experience to do it on the new unicycle, that’s why I rushed to get it sooner than later.

I can’t thank you enough for your help. Believe it or not, your words were the ones that gave me confidence to continue with something I really like, which is riding a unicycle long distance. I almost gave up… Thanks!!!