Learning to one foot

Today I finally got my rim fixed. My crank is still bent from doing muni and stair jumping in virginia. I feel like Im not one of you guys because my unicycle sucks so bad. Oh well. I should have a summit in a month. Oh yeah one foot.

Today I decided to try one foot riding a little bit. Do you need to be on a hill? When I saw frank do it he was on a hill. When Im riding normal, should I start by putting less and less pressure on my right foot until I decide to take it off?

I read a hoseclamp thread. Im definitely doing that tomorrow. Thats such a good idea! Thanks for the help.

George, one footing down a hill is a great way to study the cloud formations. At least it was for me. --chirokid–

I found it easier to learn going slightly downhill, just so I could get used to the feel of it without throwing mself of balance with my pedaling. I found that I needed to lean back more than felt safe at first, as I’d lean forward as I pushed down on the pedal and the uni’d kick out behind me. It’s a lot to do with subtle weight shifting I found. Try it from one foot idling.

i’ve been trying both ways
with the emphasis on try
riding across the hall and lifting one foot, trying to find the fork without shoving my foot on the tyre and faceplanting
one foot idling, trying to get enough oomph into that one foot to actually get it over the top
i just can’t seem to get it to complete the circle

how do u get from one foot idling into the stroke for one foot riding?

I go for one firm but controlled push when my pedalling foot is forward. Lean back as you push down tho, or just hit the deck! Also putting a bit of pressure on the frame to help with momentum is useful in idling.

I think the biggest thing is the deft weight shifts, it felt weird leaning back at first then it just becomes second nature.

Practice practice practice!

when i learned to ride one foot i didnt think of putting my foot on the frame and just extended it back.I still cant put it on the frame very well,but i can go a half mile or so with it extended.

Going down a very slight slope helps a lot. But make sure it’s not too steep, then it’s even harder. And you’ll get too used to the momentum of ust moving downwards, rather than just using your own power to pedal.

today i rode about 20 pedal strokes a few times. about 8 full pedal strokes average. my learning method worked really well! i was really happy with my results after one day. This method:

I used to be able to go from one foot idling straight into one foot riding. I had to in order to freemount on my one cranked unicycle. I’d suggest first learning to one foot down a gentle hill, and getting the feel of it before trying the idle technique. I found the hardest part was getting over the top, past the dead spot, before I trained my leg to relax on that part. When I tried going onefooted down a hill, I got the breakthrough I needed; the hill provided the extra momentum so I was able to get it over the top, and after that I started to get the feel for it. I think I also used the advice someone wrote about riding along and putting no pressure on the foot I planned to take off the pedal, doing all the work one footed, then taking the foot off for short durations.

I decided today that i was going to learn to ride one footed. So i went riding and i slowly released pressure from my right foot until it was completely off of the pedal. first i did 1 rotation. then 2. then 3. then 6. then 6. then 13. then my best was 20. i think its the best way to learn to ride one footed. i cant even idle, or one foot idle. or ride backwards. did i skip a step?

Today i also did the thign with tape and the hose clamp. although i dont even use the crown yet. my foot just sways in the air while i ride

uphill or downhill?

Am I the only person who found that one-footing uphill was easier? That way you could sort of lean forward and give big pushes. I found going downhill challenging at first cause you had to be controlled in slowing down the uni…

I actually stilll think it is easier to one-foot uphill and only just mastered one-foot from one-foot idle, after being able to do figure 8’s both directions…



i dont have ANY hills where i live so i just do my technique. anyway, it rules yours