Learning to Mount a 36er

That would be really cool…and educational :slight_smile:

Yeah, but don’t forget, to beginners - like me - videos are a rich, visual way of interpreting what is happening. ‘Interpreting’ being the operative word since, as you said, ‘you kinda just have to learn it’. Nevertheless, I will mimic anything I can see if it looks to be working. I may not know exactly what I am doing but I will encourage my body and muscle memory to learn itself. Having said that I would think a handle-holding vid would be quite difficult to actually make - so I won’t be dissapointed if I don’t see one sometime soon :smiley:

+1 on that. Especially for those of us who ride solo, all we have are those videos! And no matter how much I practice, there’s always a question about an exact pedal position or some other matter, and delving into the vids is a huge help. Please keep them coming pros! I would love to see the tuck/slalom technique from ducttape. That sounds too cool.

I’ll keep working out new ways to rig up my camera for cokering today and then On monday when I go back to school I’ll do some tuck/slalom filming and see if I can’t come up with a cool/informational coker video.

My mount has evolved some since I posted a few days ago. Now I’m doing some kind of 2-step jump mount. The wheel on the Coker is so heavy that a jump mount does not need to have both feet planted at the same time. My knee gave me problems during the past week - maybe from doing that rough static mount so often. Jumping up on one pedal and then planting the other within a quarter or half second seems to work very well for me.

Forgot to mention - I’m only 5’5’’ and I’m 50 y.o. so I need to keep things easy, to a point

After the experience of trying to static mount the 36er I kinda evolved into doing a step-jump whilst rolling myself. I think the repetitive rough static jump attempts - get up, fall back, get up, fall back… put strain on my knee and I’m off uni, but only for a week or so.

Now I place my foot on the pedal then pace backwords a few steps. Then when I roll forwards the pedal comes around just where I want it so I can jump and take advantage of the rolling momentum to get me on top of the wheel.

Wheel-aided mount

Hi monocyclism,

I have enjoyed reading about your introduction to Coker riding. I have been using an odd mount that I find less strenuous than a traditional static mount. Here is a short video that shows a few successful mounts. (They are not all successful yet.):o


That’s exactly what works for me too. I think the fact that the pedal is moving allows you to put a bit more weight onto it, since you’re pressing “against” the rolling force. And your forward momentum brings you up over the top easier.

(Disgusting side note: last weekend I gave my son a 10-minute lesson in static freemounting on a 24. After which he was doing freemounts with a 30% success rate. It only took me TWO FREAKIN’ WEEKS to do the same!!!) :angry:

Thanks scott-ttocs! That’s a new one for me to try! Couldn’t quite get my head around the idea of wheel holding on a 36" so the vid has really helped. Looks a lot less strenuous and taxing on the legs :slight_smile:

Yeah…just think how good your son is going to be if he sticks at it! Maybe lets see a vid of him doing it :slight_smile:

OK everyone! Don’t let me forget! Friday is supposed to be very good weather I haven’t had a chance to film the 36’er slalom video yet and will probably forget unless you all remind me. Thanks!

Looking forward to it Ducttape! Thanks for doing it.

Some advice I normally share with people working on giraffe freemounts, but it’s applicable here as well.

Watch your breathing.

We’re likely, as we embark on a strenuous activity, to take a deep breath and then launch ourselves into the task.

This doesn’t help.
A large chestfull of held breath makes your upper body very rigid. Which is not a good thing when mounting a unicycle.

To prevent yourself from doing this, take your deep breath, start breathing it out slowly, and when you get about half-way thru the out-breath, GO!

Hmm, I feel like I gotta puke. I even missed a free mount on my 29" the other day. Of course in front of a horde of young attractive females:o

haha that always happens to me. I filmed a little bit for the coker slalom video today but can’t really figure a good angle/set-up to capture the body motion… I’ll try to get my mic working now so I can set some audio commentary with it to explain what you can’t really see.

Damn! I had my popcorn all ready and was just about to recline in the lazy boy and watch. Just kidding – take your time :smiley:

I’m going to try to get a rope and tow a friend through my “slalom” while he films to try to get a good shot. should be cool.

Ah! Don’t you hate that! I was doing pretty good on some little jumps until two people walk by…

Maybe one day I’ll get a 36er. :sunglasses:

Nice vid bud !:slight_smile:
P.S. The shipping box is huge eh !

Nice work Jeremy R! I just got one too, but with the street tire. I was wondering about the offroad option, maybe I’ll try that someday.

I just got my coker on monday and have been mounting into SIF, hopping to get my feet into place, and then tucking the seat back under and ambling off. I actually was getting it 30-40% of the time, but reading all these more sensible methods now, I have no idea how I was getting it at all! I’m gonna try to just commit to the static mount next time I practice.